National Pension Education Association

National Pension Education Association


About National Pension Education Association 

Originally founded as the National Preretirement Education Association in 1980, NPEA was renamed the National Pension Education Association to reflect the broader goals of the organization to focus on comprehensive retirement education for members of public retirement systems.

NPEA provides a forum to educate public retirement system professionals and encourage the ongoing exchange of information, ideas, goals and objectives of retirement planning and member communication. As a national organization committed to quality retirement education and communication, they introduce the concept of retirement planning education to public retirement systems to encourage and guide the growth of developing programs and services, and to challenge experienced counselors, managers and communications officers to achieve greater success. Through their website, certification program partnership, and our annual conference, they provide the tools to help retirement professionals meet the needs of their members.

NPEA hopes to ensure the dedication and commitment of public employees are rewarded by responsive public retirement systems. Organizations providing an individual member with an opportunity and the professional resources to anticipate the future and to plan a retirement that is emotionally, financially and socially satisfying.

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