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3 Major Ways Babywearing Improves Your Life

As humans, we have an inherent need for closeness and touch; a simple hug eases our insecurities and makes us feel cared for. A handshake gives us a feeling of acknowledgement and respect. When holding hands with our partner, we feel loved, accepted and safe. Through touch, we connect with others and build strong relationships that contribute to our overall happiness. This need begins even before we are born and its fulfillment is crucial to our healthy development, especially in the first months of life. Think about it...babies do a long nine months on the inside, where they get the closeness they need to survive. But what about once they are out of the womb? How can a modern-day mommy realistically give her baby the intimacy it craves so much? The answer, in short, is babywearing.

If you have a little one at home, wearing your baby can fill their need to be close to and touched by you, but that's only the tip of the iceberg. Here are three major ways your life will improve once you begin babywearing:

Your Baby Will Be Happier

Let’s face it, babies tend to be fussy from time to time. That’s why you can find any new parent-to-be’s shopping list full of contraptions designed to keep a baby calmed and pacified. Got a fussy baby? Strap them into this expensive device that spins and plays eight different songs while flashing bright lights in their face. Is that supposed to be soothing? Fancy toys are not necessary; closeness to mommy is what brings baby the most comfort. The first months of life outside the womb can be worrisome and scary for infants; all the sights and sounds from their surroundings have their rapidly developing systems on overdrive, which can make for an overwhelmed, fussy baby. That’s why these tiny creatures depend on mommy’s arms to keep them as safe and content on the outside as they were on the inside. In a perfect world, mommies would never have to put their babies down. In reality, it takes two hands to do a lot of things. Sometimes mommy needs freedom to move her arms, but that doesn't mean she has to put baby down. A baby carrier or baby sling is the next best thing to mommy’s arms and will provide baby with the closeness, touch and security it needs to be happy. Worn babies are calmed by closeness and can communicate their needs to mommy in ways other than crying. A baby that spends less time fussing can put more of their energy toward happy, healthy development.

You Will Be Happier

Anyone with a wee one knows just how challenging it can be to get things done around the house on a daily basis. The baby wants to be held, but you really need to go to the bathroom or tackle that stack of bills that's been sitting on the kitchen counter for a week. This is when wearing your baby can come in super handy. Instead of strapping a fussy baby into a bouncy seat, wrap them to you and take care of business. Need to go grocery shopping? Don't burden yourself with the heavy infant seat or clunky stroller in the store; keeping them close to you protects baby and gives you the freedom to shop. Babywearing also makes for a more confident mommy by familiarizing her with baby’s movements and cues. When they are worn, we don't miss a heartbeat, which gives us the assurance that we are fulfilling their needs. By providing much-needed convenience and confidence to mommies in their everyday lives, babywearing makes for an overall happier mommy.

Others Can Share The Love

Most baby carriers are adjustable, which allows daddy, grandma or other caregivers to get in on the special bonding time with baby. It takes a village to raise a child, so it's important for mommy to have help and for baby to feel secure with other family members. Mom has to sleep sometime, right? And that doesn’t mean baby has to spend that time in a noisy, overstimulating swing; even an older sibling can wear baby to help give mom a break or just to spend time with their little partner in crime. Start babywearing and let the whole family share the love.

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