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Baldwin Lawn Care Designs

Designing the logo and identity package for an Oklahoma lawn care company. The identity visuals included website design and direct mail print design.


Baldwin Lawn Care was established in 2001. The company has grown from a young man's venture to a successful business. BLC came to myheartcreative with the need for a website design and a stronger brand image to reflect their professional services.


After talking with Baldwin Lawn Care in their discovery meeting we worked on a new logo design that would relate back to their previous logo through the blades of grass and similar typography in the letters "BLC". The new logo design would set them up for greater success, flexibility, and brand recognition for the future. We also designed and developed their new website that allows customers to give feedback and pay online. BLC's new website also helps the company in their hiring process by accepting applications online. BLC's direct mail print pieces were a hands on part of the new identity package designs. The print designs were mailed right to their target market, attracts their audience, shares there services, and promotes their website to help grow their customer base.


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