Webvis CMS Hosting





  • Web-based CMS and hosting; nothing for you to install and you can leave the maintenance up to us.

  • Month-to-month hosting; no annual contracts to sign gives you the freedom to make modifications as your company expands.

  • Unlimited web pages, subpages and storage, so there’s no limit to the amount of business you can do.

  • Allows multiple users, so updating your website doesn’t have to be limited to just one person.

  • Supports multiple product SKUs to keep your products unique and showing up in search engine results.

  • Diverse cloud hosting resources ensure that your site will support whatever activity it occurring.

  • Functions are built into your website and updated automatically, with no action needed on your end.


We love our servers so much, we use them to operate our own company.

We wouldn’t put our clients websites on a server we aren’t confident in using ourselves, so that’s why we go to great lengths to protect our hosting and monitor everything all day, every day.

With two separately located data centers, our servers are administered by a top colocation provider, offering protection from earthquakes and fire, as well as heating, cooling and backup power. Our primary data center is located in California, while the second is in Boston and provides data mirroring, disaster recovery, and failover capabilities in the event the primary data center becomes impaired. 

Webvis is a PCI compliant, multi-tenant application and is designed to have little down time, with all servers, storage, and hard drives built on multiple layers of redundancy. Data center performance audits, security certifications, and encryption are part of our server set ups and the architecture includes automated monitors that run frequent checks various things, like:

  • Routers

  • Switches

  • Server load

  • Memory usage

  • CPU activity

  • Disk integrity

  • Bandwidth

Plus many other system vitals as an added layer of protection to warn of any system trouble. The end result? Servers you can trust.