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Logo design is for the big picture.

Creating the logo for your business or organization ​is the most critical step in the branding process OKC. Think about everywhere you put a logo, your website, stationery, merchandise, packaging, advertisements, etc. A well-done logo design OKC is the best investment you can make for your company.

Your logo is the image that people will identify your organization with for years, so it should make you happy and work hard for you. As experts in logo design OKC, we always  go the extra mile to make sure that our clients have the best.

All of our logo design OKC work is original, starting with hand drawings before we create an image that that blends graphics and typography. Once we establish the structure of your logo design Dallas, we can then help you choose the color palette that is perfect for your branding OKC. The final step is to provide you with the files you need and guidelines to ensure that you use your logo to its full potential in your branding OKC. See our logo designs.

FAQS about Logo Design OKC:


What is a custom logo design?

A custom logo design OKC is a mark created and bespoke just for your company or organization. Everything from the design elements to the type design or typography is sketched, selected, modified, and arranged in a unique way for your business. Custom logo design is not simply choosing clip art from a bank of logos where others are also theirs. Custom means there is the planning, creation, and development of an icon that will become the face of your business, setting you apart from the rest. Not only are the graphics tailor-made in a custom logo, but the type is also professionally chosen to communicate the perfect feel for your brand. It is also styled perfectly from spacing to line-height. Scaling, flexibility, and usage is also considered making the final custom logo as polished and professional as possible.

What comes with my logo design OKC project?

We have two logo packages available for our clients, both custom, of course. You will get your proofs along the process; in the end, however, your logo will come with a complete logo package including multiple file-formats (vector of course), colors, and a logo guidelines document. Depending on the design, we often provide icon files separate from the complete logo, horizontal and vertical versions where applicable, and even tagline versions, if needed. You will also get our logo support. If you ever need to provide a logo file to a vendor or partner and you’re not sure which to send, ask us, we are here for you and want to ensure the integrity of your logo investment long term.

What is the process for a custom logo design Dallas?

All custom logos start with a design meeting. We need to understand your business, your customer, and your goals before ever beginning a single sketch. Once we have grown to know your business, we will sketch and brainstorm. Following our initial creative phase, we will review many font options and make final decisions. We will work on the computer and work towards digital versions of your form design in black and white. We will then prepare various proofs depending on your package. Revisions will be made, and once the final logo form is approved, we will create color options. Revisions can be made to the color palettes. Once the final coloring is approved, we will package everything up and deliver your files to you digitally.

What is the price?

Custom logo design OKC projects are an investment in your business. They are the single most important graphic your company will ever create as they will be applied to anything and everything going forward. The price reflects the value. We do offer two logo packages, but because our logo design process ultimately creates a custom logo, we need to deliver logo estimates on a project by project basis.

Can I bring my own design for a logo?

Sure! As long as you have the rights to your logo or graphics, we can work to recreate your logo in a vector format and provide you with the files you need. We often work with creative entrepreneurs who have sketches and existing ideas for their logo. Still, they need a professional designer to help create the proper files and consult to create the perfect final logo for their new business.

Should I change my existing logo if I’ve had it for a long time?

We are not big on changing a company’s logo because we believe in the power of branding images over time, but every logo needs a refresh from time to time. There are also instances when companies could not invest in their logos to start and needed to improve what they have. We love what we do, and logos are not an exception. We enjoy the creative challenge of taking an old logo design OKC and restoring life into it while still keeping the integrity of the brand elements

What is the difference between a logo and an icon?

Logo is the entire visual mark that makes up the face of your company. Some logos have icons, and some are made entirely of works/text. An icon can be a part of a logo or live alone as an indicator to visually signal the contents connected to it or to help users navigate computer or app systems.

Who owns the rights to the logo?

During your custom logo design process, myheartcreative owns the rights to the proofs. Upon completion of logo assignments and receipt of full payment, myheartcreative grants clients ownership of their final packaged graphic logo files. We maintain the right to share your logo as apart of the myheartcreative portfolio. Ownership of your final logo files and color palette allows you to produce anything and everything with your logo mark with ease.

Why work with a studio instead of a freelance logo designer OKC?

While there are many freelance logo designer OKC options, they may not offer all of the services that you need along the way. In addition to designing your logo from scratch and providing all of your files, our full-service studio can also help with various additional services, like your branding OKC and creating a website that reflects your new logo and overall brand. While hiring a freelance logo designer OKC may seem like a good choice cost-wise, remember that your logo plays a key role in people noticing and drawing conclusions about your business. You should have a stronger focus on the quality of the designer’s work than their cost. In the end, it is less expensive to begin with a logo that you are proud of than to create a new one down the road.

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