Google Meet

At myheartcreative, we are loving the freedom, flexibility and concept of Google Hangouts for many reasons; primarily because it is such a helpful tool in the collaborative and creative process. Google has launched its brand new service: Google Meet and we are excited to share it with you. Google Meet offers several innovative solutions to “face to face” meetings that are often a challenge to coordinate! With the click of your mouse, we can be connected and engaged with our clients and staff in ways that weren’t always feasible in the past!



Screen Share – The ability to get on the same page, so to speak is invaluable; especially in the website design process! Imagine getting to see your website come to life from the perspective of the myheartcreative team. Build your vision, while quite literally, sharing in the process.

Team training – As a staff, we use Google Meet to connect with our staff in and outside of the studio, to build understanding, increase knowledge, and master each concept of our business that we offer to our clients. With the ability to connect with our team, screen share and record for playback purposes, myheartcreative is excited about the opportunity to expand our skillsets to offer our clients even more.

Multiple logins – Google Meet has the capacity to host 25(G Suite Basic and Business) or 50 (G Suite Enterprise version) participants per meeting compared to Google Hangouts capacity of 10.

Mobility – Download the App and Meet on the go from your personal device! This feature allows for increased participation for meetings and flexibility of schedule. The application is user friendly, intuitive and equips the user to access information at their fingertips.

Security – Google Meetings are secure, private and only accessible to those that you invite to participate. After the link is created, the Google Meeting creator will extend the link to their selected audience.

Simplicity – Like most products it comes up with, Google has mastered the art of simplicity and ease of use. With the simple link, you are one click away from joining dozens (if you so choose) of your colleagues and associates to discuss anything your business needs.

Recordable – Ever have trouble recalling what someone said during a meeting? Google Meet offers the unique feature of being able to play back an entire meeting/training session. This is an extremely valuable resource for many businesses. 


We invite you to join us in our monthly Google Meeting. Starting in the last week of May, we invite you to join us for 1 hour each month as a Client Resource Meeting. If you are one of our clients, you will be receiving a link to a one hour training session. A myheartcreative team member will be available on Google Meet for coaching, instruction, and a questions/answer session. This is a resource we are offering to our clients, providing flexible, and informational meetings. It is our hope that these Google Meetings will not only provide customer service, valuable information on website updates, but also provide a platform to answer your questions with a face to face conversation.

We look forward to (Google) Meeting with you!

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