Power of a Nickel

Power of a Nickel


About Power of a Nickel 

There's power in a nickel.

It is astounding what a NICKEL can do for children and adults in developing countries.

  • 1 nickel can buy enough food to feed 10 children porridge, give 5 students pineapple for lunch, provide milk for 4 children per day
  • 4 nickels can provide soap for a child for a week
  • 8 nickels can provide a de-worming medicine that will last for 6 months
  • 10 nickels can ensure a child has a multi-vitamin every day for a month
  • 12 nickels can mean life or death from malaria by being able to have medications to treat the disease
  • 14 nickels can purchase a book that will help develop reading skills at the same time teaching preventative healthcare to students
  • 17 nickels can provide antibiotics to cure pneumonia in an elderly grandfather
  • 40 nickels can provide a rapid HIV test whose results can make quick treatment more effective


Dr. Stan Grogg (pediatrician) and wife, Barbara, (family nurse practitioner) have participated in global outreach programs for many years. After leading medical teams to Nicaragua, Guatemala, Uganda, South Sudan, and participating with teams in Haiti, Dominican Republic, Afghanistan, Cuba, Rwanda, and Mexico, they have seen up close the tremendous needs for healthcare globally. Out of those experiences, The Power of a Nickel, a 501-3c non-profit was born.

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