Strategic Discovery

Logo Design Oklahoma

Laying a good foundation makes our work solid.

Each website, logo, print material, and marketing plan begins with strategic discovery because good design involves more than making something pretty. We problem-solve and design unique branding materials that work hard to bring clarity, share information, promote engagement, and more.


To really problem-solve, we must understand the goals and challenges our clients face. That is why we take the time to get to know our clients, so our work reflects what makes them special on a deeper level. We have a collaborative approach to our work in that we rely on our clients to partner with us – you bring your industry experience, we bring ours, and together we make successful projects.


We like to lay a foundation of knowledge regarding our work. Before the first sketch of any design is put on paper, we want to know who you are, why you do what you do, why your audience cares, and what comes next. When we know your brand’s journey to its current position and understand your wishes for the future, we can create projects that will promote your growth toward those goals.


Our Creative Director has over 15 years of experience in asking the right questions, learning, and digging in to projects. Throughout our strategic discovery process, we keep our eyes and minds open so we can explore better. This experience, design expertise, and love for learning show through our completed projects. While we do more than “make things pretty,” your design will be unique, inspired, and visually appealing.

We enjoy getting to know our clients. Whether you want to boost your brand through a marketing strategy, need to refresh your presence with a new website and logo, or would like to create a strong brand identity, our team is ready to meet with you. Design your strategy with myheartcreative.

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