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We Have Loads To Be Thankful For This Year

Not Just This Year, But Every Year

Although it's hard to believe, the calendar doesn't lie; it is Thanksgiving week. It seems as we get older, time moves along more swiftly with each passing year. As children, the endless school days drag on and looking forward to the holiday break was the only thing that kept us pacified. All we wanted was time. Time to play, run, ride bikes; you know, be kids.

And as adults, we still want the same thing - time. Now we spend all of our time taking care of our families, working, and running from point A to point B, with next to no time left for anything else. There are days we can't even finish our thoughts, much less get five minutes to sit down and breathe.

But that's one of the beautiful things about the holiday season - we get time. Even if it's just an afternoon, we get time to stop the madness of everyday life and just BE. Be together with our families, be present in our lives (both physically and mentally) and, maybe most importantly, be thankful. Yes, that's one of the benefits of this time of year, but there's so much more where that comes from.

This year, like all years, we want to take time to give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. It’s been an exceptionally busy year of growing and creating and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

For starters, we're thankful for our new studio space. (see our old studio space here) We moved into our Bethany location in December of 2015. We've launched many new websites, designed and built beautiful brands, and developed all sorts of creative this year behind these two red doors. We couldn't be proud or more grateful for our studio. Not only did we move our studio we also added our first full time team member, Nicole Winn. She's one of the creatives who has been pouring out her heart over the projects mentioned above! We're thankful for her talent, positive attitude, and dedication to myheartcreative.

We’re thankful for new products. When it comes to creating baby carriers, our main focus is making useful products that contribute to the overall healthy development of babies. It’s also important that they foster necessary bonding and give mommy and other caregivers much needed convenience and confidence. This year, myheartcreative launched our new baby carrier; the Mei Tai. We spent oodles of time researching, designing and producing a special product suitable for every mommy and baby duo. Using only the finest materials and environmentally-friendly practices, our Mei tai breaks the mold and expands our product line, adding variety to our babywearing world.

Launching new products means we’re growing, which means we’re also thankful for new family and team members. Beyond blessed is how we describe our lives, especially because we get to do what we love every day; which is help people. Whether it’s through our logo, web, and print designs or launching a new babywearing product, our main focus is helping. And business is good. This year, along with new products, we’ve expanded our clientele and team members. The feeling that comes along with progress is indescribable. Not only do we get to do what we love as “work,” but people are loving our designs and products. Have we mentioned how blessed we are yet?

Last, but most definitely not least, we’re thankful for YOU! Without our amazing clients and customers, none of this would be possible. It’s YOU that allows us to give back to the world doing what we love; building brands, products and relationships and creating togetherness through beautiful designs. Check out our many areas of expertise and let our portfolio speak for itself.  

Although we will continue to evolve over the years, there are some things that will, thankfully, never change, like our core values:

  • Always do what’s right
  • Do more with less
  • Have a craftsman’s attitude
  • Deliver unmatched service
  • Never letting it slide

We go to great lengths to ensure we live these out daily and we believe it shows in our work. Our whole hearts go into every detail, every stitch, every time.

This year, we encourage you to take time to BE with your family. Even if it's just a few hours, set some time aside to relax and be present in your life. It only takes a few minutes of reflection to realize how truly blessed you are and all that you have to be thankful for.

Check out our amazing products, perfect for any baby wearing family. If you have a product idea, we'd love to help you turn your dream into reality. Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Need a logo or website design? Call myheartcreative, an Oklahoma web design studio, today - let’s get started on your next masterpiece.