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There are plenty of options when it comes to your website design OKC and Dallas web design, so why choose myheartcreative? We create full custom website designs.

We collaborate with you during the design process to not only design but also develop, an easy-to-maintain website built with Elemental Editor or WordPress content management system.


Hosting your website with myheartcreative gives you the freedom to maintain your e-commerce website as things progress in your business or organization. We will even provide you with a one-on-one training session to ensure you are confident with the CMS of your choice. Every website design in Dallas we create is responsive and mobile-friendly as well. See our web designs.

What is the difference between a custom web design OKC and a template design?

Our Premium Custom Website design OKC is created from scratch for your company or organization. The design proof is delivered to you by .jpg, and we fine-tune the website layout. This custom website layout is created with your specified audience, message, products, and or functionality in mind. From layout to color to fonts – a custom website is a perfect way to keep your brand image consistent from print to digital. The difference between a fully customized website and a website template is that when we create a template website, we are choosing from premade options. What’s great is working with a team of professionals. We can advise you on the very best template that suits your needs. These are templates we have developed previously and have them ready to go for you. The positive here is the process is generally faster, and the price usually lower for a template. We do offer two types of template packages, Essential and Plus. Plus, like Premium Custom Websites, also includes photography and content writing. Whether you choose a custom web design or template design with myheartcreative, you’ll get content move over services, stock photography, forms, SSL, and one-on-one training.

What is the process for creating a website design in Dallas?

Like all of our projects at myheartcreative, whether in OKC, Dallas, or any other location, the first step is your discovery meeting, where we start to identify what your goals and objectives are. From the discovery phase, we move into the design portion of your project, which kicks off with a design meeting. If your project is a Plus or Essential Template Web Design, we will present 5 template options, hand selected for you, during the design meeting and move you right into development. If you have selected a Premium Custom Web Design, we’ll sketch and begin the creative process after the design meeting. We will provide mock-ups of the website design and request your feedback. We’ll revise the design and get it just right. Once approved, we will develop your design and get it ready for content. Once your site is in development, we will build your content and add images to your site. Once content and any special functionality are complete, we will set a launch date and prepare your site for launch!

What is a Design Meeting?

A design meeting is a time when our team can meet with you to learn more about your project, your goals, your target audience, what sets you apart from the competition, the feeling your brand should portray, what you’re known for, where your company is headed, and your existing brand materials. We talk a lot about who you are and where you’re going. We also discuss websites you like and do not like and uncover your personal design aesthetic that will work for your goals while keeping the target audience in mind. We love to meet face to face in our studio, but we meet with clients worldwide on video design calls.

Do I need to write my own content for the website?

We offer website copywriting OKC services with most of our website proposals. With this service, you will collaborate with our writer who will create content tailored to your audience. Of course, you are welcome to create your own content or simply move content from an existing website.

What is the difference between domain registration and hosting?

Your domain must be registered with a domain registrar. This registration will need to be renewed. Your hosting is what keeps your website live on the internet. If you build a website with myheartcreative, we will be your website host.

What are the best practices for domain registration?

It’s best to register your domain with a reputable domain registrar. We also advise you either register your domain under the company owner’s name or with us. If we manage your domain, we will have better access for record updates, email and web setups, and changes. Whoever registered your domain, be sure you document where your domain is registered. If you register your own domain, be sure to save your login and password. We also advise, if you register your own domain, you to put your domain on auto-renew.

What do I need to sell products online?

You need great photography, product names, descriptions of your products, pricing, any variants (sizes or colors), and a plan for managing inventory.

What is a CMS?

CMS stands for content management system. This is the system or online software you use to edit your website content.

Do I need to know code to update my website?

You do not need to know how to code to update your website. Your CMS is set up so that you can type in your content changes, and we will train you on how to use it. If you can use a word processor and social media, you can update your website.

Do I have to have my own pictures for the website?

You do not need your own photos. We do recommend a professional photoshoot when you are creating a website so that people can get a better sense of your organization. Stock images alone often lack feeling. If you already have good quality photos, we are more than happy to use them.

As a company that does website design in Oklahoma City do you service clients outside of the state?

Thanks to the internet, we are not limited by location. We have clients across the country as well as internationally. We are happy to meet online or travel to our clients.

Can I have my website files?

Your website design files can be provided to you if requested. For Premium Custom Web Designs, we can provide you with the front end code to your website. We can not provide you with any website files for a template.

Can you use the images taken on my phone?

Often, yes. Today’s phones have quality cameras. Keep in mind that it is still best to have professional photography along with appropriate professional stock photography for your website. We like to use phone photos in smaller galleries and use professional photographs and stock photos in larger banner areas and slideshows. Use your phone photos for documenting events, and use our professional photos to engage potential customers visually.

Why choose a full-service studio instead of freelance web design OKC?

When building a website, you need to choose between working with a studio, freelance web design OKC, or creating your own. With freelance web design OKC, your website is limited to the services that the designer offers, so you may have to hire additional designers to create your perfect website. By working with our full-service studio, you can get all of the services you need, from photography and video to SEO and content writing, all in one place to create a cohesive, quality website.

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