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What is a vector file?

Yes, geometry is used in the real world…

This was one of the many questions I first asked as a fresh “designer in training” in design school. I’d heard of a vector, but I had no idea how it was used in the design specifically and especially how to use Illustrator, the go-to program used for making a vector. With much surprise to me, vectors would eventually change the way I viewed labels, logos, and especially, readability.


I also learned that vector art is one of the two major forms of art used by computers. Vectors commonly have their file extensions ending with .ai, .eps, and .pdf. Vectors are actually points, lines, curves and polygons on an algebraic grid. These points, lines, curves, and basic polygons are called “primitives,” and are the basic building blocks of vector art.


Most of the images you see online are pixel based and are literal “squares” of an image simulating the points on your screen. Pixel based images commonly have their file extensions ending .jpg, .psd, and .png.

Why do you need vectors?

Got a awesome logo or illustration you’ve always wanted printed on a t-shirt or business card? Believe me, that super cool screen printer or design studio is gonna want a vector file.

A vector graphic is versatile, it can be enlarged to fit on a billboard, sized to be placed on a city bus or reduced to tiny image printed on a juice box with no loss in quality! Ultimately, vector images allow for more flexibility when used to produce high quality, high resolution graphics on posters, business cards, brochures, packaging and more. Pixel based images often look poor when they are low resolution, and therefore an image with very few pixels.

It is important you, as the client, provide vector files to your design studio or screen printer for the crispy clean look you desire.

What you get from us.

Have a logo but not vector file ready? Needing help creating a logo but have no idea how to build that drawing or doodle in vector? Here at myheartcreative we can build your ideas into a vector file and apply it to the design that you need. Our clients get all the file formats needed when doing a logo design project with us INCLUDING vector files. Contact us with your vector questions or to start a new project.