10 Logo Design Trends to Watch for in 2021

Mar 23, 2021 | Logo design, Graphic Design Oklahoma, Graphic Designer Oklahoma

Your logo is often the most recognizable part of your visual identity; it should be simple enough to be remembered but bold enough to encapsulate your brand. While it is important to have a logo that will withstand the test of time, even the largest companies in the world refresh their logos from time to time with current trends and design styles.

Paying attention to current design trends is essential for everything from creating a brand identity to web design in Oklahoma City. Keeping up with modern logo trends is especially important. Current logo trends can help you create something that is simultaneously timeless and modern, distinct and consistent.

Several of the trends to watch out for this year are not new to the world of design. Instead, a growing recognition of their aesthetic appeal is causing a surge in their popularity. Many of our own logo design OKC over the years have incorporated these design elements.

10 Modern Logo Design Trends for 2021



Current design trends in many industries are leaning toward minimalism, so logos are also moving toward uncluttered designs. These utilize concise and simple graphics instead of overly intricate designs.

Standout Fonts


Using a unique font can be a useful way to create a standout logo. Some trendy logo designs utilize custom fonts to represent a brand by simply stating a company’s name with no or only a few other visual elements.



Symmetrical and balanced designs are highly impactful. If your logo design is intricate, symmetry will keep it from being too complex. Simple designs also benefit from balance.



Because many current logo trends call for simple elements, a gradient color scheme can make a strong impact. Smooth color transitions on text or in images allow for variety while staying subtle.

Deconstructed Text

mhc Native Fate logo

Splitting up or even removing part of a word or image can make a simple logo stand out through added customization. Make sure that the logo can still be easily understood, especially for newer customers.

Clean Lines

mhc Major logo

Simple designs made with thin lines and only one or a few colors have a feeling of elegance and lightness. When used for the text and any shapes, clean lines create a modern yet timeless logo.

Overlapping Elements

mhc NPEA logo

Layering a logo’s elements can portray consistency, reliability, and progress. Simple geometric shapes are a design staple, so overlapping these elements can add intricacy without becoming overwhelming.

Negative Space

negative space

Utilizing negative space helps declutter a design and creates a clean, dramatic impact. Free space can be used to add separation between elements or be placed inside of elements to create a new image.

Unusual Arrangement

mhc Put A Cork In It logo

Thinking outside of the box with your logo arrangement allows you to showcase your creativity and increase customer curiosity. An “organized chaos” arrangement can have a strong impact when done carefully.


mhc lwr logo

With a strong enough design and a well-known brand, you do not have to use your company’s full name in the logo. A simple design featuring an abbreviation or monogram can be highly recognizable.

When we design, we look forward so we can do more than keep up with trends – we stay ahead of them. Our design team can help you create a new and unique logo or update your current logo to better fit your vision. For help with web design in Oklahoma City or for a trendy logo design that is still timeless and classic, contact myheartcreative.


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