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​These policies applies to the online collection of data. The website may contain links to other websites that are not maintained by myheartcreative or myviswasam. All links accessed are at the user’s own risk. Some of the links may use cookies. Before providing protected information to any website, myheartcreative encourages you to read this privacy policy. We do not endorse all websites that link to myheartcreative.com.


By using our site and submitting your personal information, you consent and agree we may collect, use, store, and disclose your personal information in the ways described below. By using our website and submitting your information you also agree to our policies. Consent for children(s) is only provided through their legal guardian.


We strive to safeguard the information of our website visitors, employees, customers, and clients. We promote awareness and empower individuals with our privacy policy.

All information you provide to us is for use solely by myheartcreative. We do not sell, trade, or share any of your information with anyone outside of myheartcreative. We may provide information to law enforcement agencies or others if we are legally required.


When you provide information through design survey forms, shopping cart purchases, contact form submissions, scheduling requests, and payments, we generally collect personal information such as your name, email address, physical address, and phone number along with any other information you wish to provide. You can opt out of sharing by not entering information when asked. We ask this information in order to respond, service, and work together towards accomplishing your business goals.

Any information we collect from you may be used in one of the following ways:

To improve customer service. Your information helps us to be more effective when responding to your customer service requests and support needs. We analyze our effectiveness of our marketing efforts through shared data.

To send periodic emails. The email address you provide may be used to send you information, respond to form requests, and/or other questions / needs. You can decline any future emails by emailing [email protected] with “unsubscribe” in the subject line or by clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of our newsletters.

RetentionInformation collected will be stored with the purpose of fulfilling contracts, initiating contracts, and/or sending promotional emails. After the information/ data has expired or is no longer necessary the information/ data retained will be deleted.


Like most websites,  we use cookies for record keeping purposes. These cookies can save passwords, past purchases, and website preferences. These cookies will be a part of your participation with EE, WordPress, and/or any other CMS. You can disable cookies if you wish, in your browser settings.


We use EE stats, WordPress, and Google Analytics to analyze user data on both our website and our client’s websites.



myheartcreative is PCI and GDPR compliant and we use measures such as firewalls, password protection, and various procedural steps to meet the industry standards. Keep in mind when data is transmitted and stored over the internet, there are no guarantees of information protection. We strive to serve our clients with the highest standard of protection possible.


We can provide you with access and the ability to update your personal information. We reserve the right to confirm the identity or the requestor prior to access or updates.



All sales are final, and receipts are provided through email. myheartcreative does not offer refunds. We accept all major credit cards. Your payment and personal information is processed inside of our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) software which provides secure commerce transactions and is the industry standard for secure transactions. All your personal information is encrypted, including credit card numbers, names, and addresses, so it cannot be read over the internet. We adhere to standards and guidelines provided for PCI and GDPR compliance.



Web Design

Upon completion of web assignments and upon receipt of full payment by Client, myheartcreative grants Client ownership of final content and graphics files.

Logo Design

Upon completion of logo assignments and upon receipt of full payment by Client, myheartcreative grants Client ownership of final packaged graphic logo files.

Print Design

Upon completion of print assignments and upon receipt of full payment by Client, myheartcreative will provide a print ready .pdf. myheartcreative does not grant Client ownership of any print graphics files.



Accuracy and Satisfaction

The Client agrees that the work will be similar to the look and style on the myheartcreative website. The photographer has creative control during the photoshoot and editing process. The images will be delivered online, and no re-editing will be done once the final files are provided. No raw files will be given. The client agrees that the photographs will represent the photoshoot. Weather, time, subject cooperation, and other factors will affect the photograph quality.

Copyright, Release, Reproduction

myheartcreative retains the copyright of all photographs taken.

By booking a photoshoot with myheartcreative, Client agrees to a model release, allowing the publication of Client and attendee photos for lawful purpose, including, but not limited to publicity, illustration, advertising, and web connections. myheartcreative may display photos as examples of work and in print and online portfolios myheartcreative may submit/display photos in competitions. The Client releases claim on any profits.

Family and Wedding Photos

Digital files will be provided and Client may display for personal use, a limited release. Client will not alter the final edited photos, such as adding filters or any other modifications. Raw, unedited photos will not be released to the client. Any commercial use requires the written permission of myheartcreative.

Commercial Photos

Digital files will be provided and Client may display for commercial use, a limited release. Client will not alter the final edited photos, such as adding filters or any other modifications. Raw, unedited photos will not be released to the client.

Social Media

When published on social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and blogs, Client agrees that they will not alter the images through filters or others edits.

Payment Schedule 

A non-refundable payment will be made at the time of booking. All payments must be paid in full prior to the photoshoot.

Additional Expenses

All travel, accommodation, meal and transportation costs for the photographer is the Client’s responsibility if 70 miles outside of the Oklahoma City Metro. Add ons and additional time may be possible, but they will incur an extra charge.

Cancellations and Bad Weather

A Wedding Client is responsible for providing myheartcreative a 30-day cancellation notice in the form of an email to [email protected] or mailed letter prior to cancellation. A Family Photo Client is responsible for providing myheartcreative a 7-day cancellation notice in the form of an email to [email protected].

In the unlikely emergency scenario, out of myheartcreative’s control, where the photographer scheduled to photograph Client event becomes unable to complete the shoot, every effort will be made to arrange another photographer. If the photoshoot location is outside and there is bad weather (ex: rain, snow, ice, tornado, extreme storm watch), we will need to reschedule the photoshoot or apply an indoor backup plan provided by the Client if the bad weather conditions are not considered dangerous by myheartcreative.

myheartcreative recognizes that it may be necessary for Client to reschedule. Client is responsible for communicating the need to reschedule in the form of email within 7-days of the shoot. myheartcreative will reschedule Client photoshoot once without additional charge or forfeiture of payment. Additional rescheduling, along with payments and refunds will be at the discretion of myheartcreative.

File Retention

The Client is responsible for maintaining the files and any prints or products once delivered. myheartcreative will store the photography files for 6 months after delivery and will replace lost digital images at no charge. After a year, myheartcreative may refuse to replace lost images.


Content Guidelines

Through myheartcreative’s mission of supporting creative expression, we have grown a diverse clientele, requiring us to be as sensitive as possible. We recognize our clients have varying viewpoints and perspectives, which are reflected in their artwork, marketing, content, and businesses. We respect freedom of expression and balance that with our compassion for others.

myheartcreative will not accept projects when we are reasonably confident they:

  • Infringes on/upon the intellectual property rights of others
  • Feature explicit sexual content or nudity
  • Include curse words or lewd language
  • May display or encourage illegal activity of any kind
  • Abuse others through words, symbols, or images on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, disability, national origin, or sexual orientation
  • May inspire violence or be offensive to the myheartcreative community

We reserve the right to determine which projects violate these guidelines.

We kindly accept projects that:

  • Use language and images appropriate for adults in the workplace and children of all ages
  • Create a sense of community and are not likely to offend individuals or groups
  • Honor the intellectual property rights by using authorized images and content


Please see our learn page for all babywearing safety.



A policy may change in time as our company grows and evolves. When a policy changes we will update this page.


You may contact us online concerning our Privacy Policy, or write to us at the following address:

6656 NW 39th Expressway, STE 105
Bethany, Oklahoma 73008


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