If you are searching for a web designer Dallas, make sure that you find someone who embraces good web design principles. A trained and experienced web designer will focus on the user experience and how they think while creating an eye-catching design.

How to Design a Good Website

Visual Hierarchy

One of the first good web design principles is the visual hierarchy. To put it simply, this is the order in which people typically view items on a web page. A well-executed website will use visual hierarchy to its advantage, placing key elements and action items where users will take notice.


Consistency is how to design a good website. First, the website must be consistent with the brand. If a logo has primary colors, for example, a pastel website will go off-brand. Along with branding, a website’s elements need to be consistent between pages. Changing the colors and typography on each page looks unprofessional and elementary. Consistent layouts and user interface designs are also key factors in making a website more accessible.

Clean Design

A website should have white space on it, creating a clean and easy-to-navigate design. According to the law of proximity, people cannot differentiate between items that are closely grouped too closely together. No one enjoys a crowded website, so do not be afraid of a little space.


Most people will not read an entire website page, and no one enjoys searching for what they need. Using headers, icons, bullets, and images will make your content scannable so that your audience can find the information they are looking for immediately.


Choose your typography carefully. You typically want roughly three sizes so that you can break up the text with headings. Using too many font styles and sizes looks messy. Rather than making text scannable, it becomes confusing. Additionally, make sure that your font is easy to read, particularly paragraph text.

Mobile Compatibility

A good design will be responsive, stacking easily on mobile devices to look as appealing as it does on a desktop. Always consider how a page will look on mobile devices while working on a computer screen.

mobile comoaitbility


Most designers know the three-click rule. People do not want to take more than three clicks to reach their desired destination. Always consider what users wish when determining your navigation and sub-navigation. For example, a Shop page should be in your top navigation while your blog archives would not.

Concise Content

Content needs to be more than scannable; it needs to connect with your audience. It needs to be quality content that feels authentic while still getting to the point. Although most people will only read the portions of your website that pertain to their needs, you want them to enjoy what they do read.


A truly great website has eye-catching photos that communicate a message effectively. Professional photography is unique to the organization and creates credibility with users. Stock is not out of the question, but it does not have the same effect as professional photos do.

OKC photographer


There are more principles of good web design than you see here. While it is essential to know the rules, you should also know when to bend or break them. After all, website design is an art.

If you need a web designer Dallas, we are here to help. Our creative team is here to help you from the concept to design, development, and beyond. Contact myheartcreative to begin work on the perfect website for your organization.


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