2017 Minimalist Wall Calendar Printable

Jan 4, 2017 | Creative, Design, Design Studio, Free Download, Inspiration, Printable

Happy New Year!

We’re still looking back and learning from 2016, but we are also pressing into this fresh new-new-new year. There’s something almost magical that happens when the old calendars are discarded and the new is ready to go or that feeling you get when you jot down the numbers for the new year for the first time: 2 0 1 7 oh boy!


We use Google calendars here at myheartcreative along with Basecamp to help us manage our Oklahoma web design work schedules. Sometimes a printed calendar can help you assess your tasks and plan out your schedule before typing them up in your online management tools! Printed calendars are also great for goals, strategies, and personal tasks. With this in mind our designer, Nicole, has created a super fresh 2017 calendar as a printable for you to enjoy. This wall calendar is just lovely because it’s minimalist design leaving you with tons of space to make your mark.

So for everyone who can appreciate a clean and simple printable calendar we invite you to enjoy. Download it here.






Download Here


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