3 Tips for What to Wear to a Photoshoot

May 9, 2019 | Photography, Oklahoma Design Company, Oklahoma Photography, Tips

So you’ve booked an Oklahoma photoshoot. The date is set, and everyone is excited, but what are you going to wear? The real question should be, what look do you want to for your photographs? Each person and family has a unique style. As an Oklahoma design company, myheartcreative wants to show you and your family authentically and in the best light.

  • Living the country lifestyle? The best outfits to wear would be jeans, button up shirts, flowing dresses, cowboy boots, and don’t forget the cowboy hat.
  • Maybe you want a modern feel; solid colors and smooth, sleek material will give the look you want.

Capturing your unique personality and your family’s best moments is our goal. One of the most effective ways to represent yourself visually is through your style.

Photoshoot Wardrobe Tips

Here are some tips for how to style yourself before your photoshoot:


1. Color Layering

Darker colors are slimming; however, you will want to limit the dark shades to one or two pieces of clothing. We don’t want you fading into the background. This is your day to shine, so rock your look by layering various color shades and tones.


2. Confident Style

Being confident and comfortable is key; if you don’t feel confident in what you’re wearing, it will come through in the photos. Did you get a new shirt you know you look great in? Wear it; we want you to look and feel good the day of your photoshoot! It’s important to note, most photoshoots will be a couple of hours long, and you will be on your feet and moving. Dress to impress with comfort in mind.


3. Photo Worthy Shoes

In many photoshoots, people don’t think about their shoes until the day comes. Take our photographer’s advice; don’t kill your feet wearing shoes that aren’t already broken in. Also, think about the location of the photoshoot. Photoshoot locations will vary, but considering the site while planning an outfit will benefit you in the end. For example, if your shoot is an urban setting, comfortable heels won’t be a problem. However, if the shoot is set in a field, wearing boots or flats would be better. Having your heel sink into the ground is never fun. You can always pack a pair of flats for walking around between shots, but whatever you do don’t forget to think about your shoes.

Whatever style you decide on for your photoshoot, our Oklahoma photographer will assist you through every step. From the theme and look of your session to the color of your shoes, myheartcreative makes the planning process fun and easy!

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