4 Common SEO Copywriting Myths Debunked

Aug 17, 2022 | Digital Marketing, SEO, SEO marketing Dallas

SEO marketing Dallas is a beneficial tool for any company seeking to improve their rankings online. Over the years, however, the SEO and digital marketing landscape have changed. What was effective in the early days of SEO is no longer beneficial. So what are the common myths about SEO copywriting?

Common Myths:

More Content Is Always Better

When it comes to SEO and digital marketing Dallas, it can be tempting to follow arbitrary word counts at the expense of quality. While many top-ranking blogs are close to 2,000 words, this should not be the goal for everyone. Search engines look at more than word count and keywords. They also consider the quality of the content. If a 500-word blog is well-written and adds value for the reader, it will rank much better than a 2,000-word blog filled with redundant information and keyword stuffing.

Additionally, you have to consider the reaction of your audience. If your content does reach page one, how will your audience react? If the blog is poorly written, it will be a poor first impression. Never sacrifice quality in your Dallas marketing.


Increase Density of Keywords

Keywords are an essential part of SEO marketing Dallas. Early SEO led content creators to keyword stuffing, adding keywords as often as possible. As a result, keywords were shoehorned into sentences where they did not belong, creating confusing content that was hard to follow. Later, algorithms began searching for keywords and penalizing keyword stuffing. Keywords need to fit into the text naturally for both the reader’s experience and search engine ranking.


Avoid External Links

While it is true that an external link will take people to content created by someone else, it is not something that you necessarily need to avoid. Remember that Google and other search engines now consider the relevance and credibility of a site.

By incorporating links to trusted sites, you can build your website authority. For example, a medical site that links back to the CDC will create trust with the reader and increase your domain authority.
Like anything else in SEO, do not simply add the links for the sake of having them. Any links added need to be from reputable sites and should enhance the content of your Dallas marketing.


Stick to Specific Key Phrases

Similar to keyword density, it can be tempting to overuse exact key phrases by placing them everywhere that seems natural. However, this will create very repetitive text. When SEO is not a consideration, writers will use synonyms to keep the content interesting. Using the exact phrase over and over soon becomes stuffing and weakens the message. Fortunately, synonyms can work in your favor. Thanks to semantic search, the intent of a search is now considered in rankings.


Begin Your Digital Marketing Dallas:

At myheartcreative, we work closely with our clients to ensure the best results. We monitor the changing algorithms and shift our processes as necessary. Additionally, our content creators strive to develop content that brings value to your audience. If you would like to start an SEO campaign or discuss our other services, please contact us.


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