5 Reasons Why Video Production OKC Is Important

Feb 14, 2023 | Video Production OKC

Video production is now an essential aspect of branding OKC. With the rise of online video content, more consumers prefer video over written information. Video marketing is no longer limited to commercial spots. There are many ways to utilize video, but why is it important?


Why Video Production OKC?

1. People Remember Videos

According to Forbes, people who watch videos will recall 95 percent of the information. Those who read the content will remember roughly 10 percent. This statistic indicates that video can play an important role in developing your audience and improving conversion rates.


2. People Share Videos

One of the best benefits of video production OKC is how easily people can share videos through text and social media. If you have an engaging video, your audience will not think twice about sharing it with others. After all, it will not take up a large portion of time to watch, and it may be useful.


3. They Showcase Your Branding OKC

While your video may include spoken words or text, it is predominantly a visual medium. Using video is the perfect opportunity to showcase your brand using the logo, palette colors, font, and overall style. Instilling your brand’s visual identity into the video creates an unmistakable presentation for your viewers.

4. Videos Appeal to Emotion

According to a Gallup poll, most people make decisions based on their emotions. Even those who value logic cannot escape the influence that feelings have on the ways we think and act. Fortunately, videos can easily elicit emotional reactions. Whether you are telling a funny story, highlighting a product, or sharing testimonials, videos have a way of connecting with viewers on an emotional level when they are done well.


5. Long Attention Spans Not Required

It is no secret that the average attention span is growing shorter. With video production OKC, however, this is not an issue. A visual medium is easier to digest. This means your audience will be less likely to click out of a brief video than a 2,000-word blog.


Video in Branding OKC

Before you begin creating videos for your brand, make sure that your branding fundamentals are covered. The basics include your logo and website. Once you have a solid presence online, the goal is to bring people to your website. While videos are helpful, SEO still rules when it comes to digital marketing strategies. Once you are well-branded and ranking on search engines, videos will take you to the next level.


How to Use Videos

As we already pointed out, videos are highly versatile in marketing. Outside of ads, you can use videos on social media or your website. You can create videos for a variety of topics, such as:

  • How-tos
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Demonstrations
  • Testimonials

Implementing different types of videos will help keep your audience engaged while you develop a deeper level of trust.


Creating Videos

When you promote videos, you want them to be effective, which is why you need to approach them with a detailed strategy. A compelling video will have a clear message and purpose that reaches your audience.

Professionally-made videos will allow you to stand out from the crowd. They are powerful and show attention to detail. Finding a video production team that understands your organization is the best way to create a video that appeals to your audience while maintaining your brand. At myheartcreative, we go above and understand our clients’ messaging as well as their audience. If you have any questions about our video service, please reach out.


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