5 Tips to Selecting Highly Effective Keywords for SEO

Jul 16, 2015 | Oklahoma Design Company, Content Marketing, Content Writing, Marketing, Oklahoma Web Design, SEO

Although many factors, such as mobile friendly design, come into play in regards to trying to draw traffic to your site the most important thing is content. Content marketing is becoming more and more important to drawing in a customer base and keeping it. Engaging content that is both relevant and interesting will keep your clients visiting your page and help you bring in more clients. The more content you have, the more likely it is you will have a consistent audience. Doing your research into relevant keywords for your content is a very important step in attracting organic views through search engines. Here are 5 tips to selecting highly effective keywords for SEO that are sure to attract your target audience.

1. Choose Relevant Keywords That are Searchable, Yet Unique

The truth is that you have more of a chance of bringing in your target audience with 2- to 4- word phrases that describe the content you are providing in everyday language, but make sure that the keywords aren’t so competitive that you have no chance of getting in the top rankings for the keyword. A bit of research will go a long way in determining what keywords are best. Programs like Wordstream, Keyword Eye Basic, and Ubersuggest are great tools for developing long-tail phrases that will help you expand your search terms. For example, if you use Ubersuggest and are trying to determine the best keywords to use for your baby carrier blog article, some suggestions you would receive are: baby carrier reviews, baby carrier sling, and baby carrier brands. This technique ensures that you are picking relevant keywords that are also unique.

2.  Ensure That Your Keywords are Not Too Specific

The more specific the keyword, the less competition there is for the search term. The catch here, though, is that the more specific a keyword is, the less likely it is that people are searching for that term. There is a delicate line between a keyword that is too broad – ie. popular – and one that is so specific that no one is searching for it. You will need to find that balance.

3. Determine Your Competitor’s Keywords

It’s simple. The whole reason you are trying to determine the best SEO tactics is because you want to get your page ahead of your competitor’s in the search rankings. One of the best ways to do this is by identifying your competitors’ keywords. One tool that can help you with this is Keyword Spy. By using this tool, it may be possible to redirect some of the web traffic they are gaining towards you. Just type in the domain address and you will be given a list of keywords that are drawing customers to their page. Use some of these keywords to attract your target customer.

4.  Improve Your Keyword Relevancy

Optimal and relevant keywords play a big role in the click-through rate when dealing with the searcher’s query. Higher click-through rates lead to a better Quality Score. Your Quality Score is how Google rates the quality and relevance of your keywords to your content. Relevant and effective keywords are very important to your ranking. Therefore, improving the relevance of your keywords will help greatly when dealing with how Google ranks you.

5.  Know the Intent of Your Keywords

When choosing your keywords, you need to understand the intent of your target audience. What is the intent of the searcher? Where is your target audience at in the search cycle? Are you targeting someone that is ready to buy a specific baby carrier? Are you targeting someone that is just learning about the purpose and benefits of baby carriers? There are three types of intent behind searches.

  1. Informational: the searcher is trying to learn information about the keyword
  2. Navigational: the searcher is looking for a certain company or brand.
  3. Transactional: the searcher is looking to purchase a specific item or type of item.

By identifying your high intent keyword groups you will be sure to target the exact type of customer you are looking to attract to your site. You will therefore receive more relevant and more quality content.

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