6 Graphic Design Trends That Will Skyrocket Your Brand’s Success

Oct 31, 2016 | Branding, Design, Illustrations, Marketing, Networking, Social Media, Web design

Graphic Design Trends Your Company Should Be Using

The design industry is larger than life and dictates what we see basically everywhere we look. Everything from your living room couch to the clothes on your back is influenced by the rules of design and aesthetics. And graphic design plays a huge role in the world, driving the web design trends we see and rely on every day. Because of this, it’s omnipresent and ever-changing, which means it can be tricky to keep up with.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the latest graphic design trends every company should be incorporating into their design efforts:

1. Minimalism

Current trends dictate the importance of simple design. And the reason why is also simple; because people like it. Choosing only one or two bold colors versus multiple hues can help you in various ways:

  • Makes it easier to digest your content and overall message
  • Displays better on mobile devices
  • Puts the focus where it matters; on your content

With more people drawn to your content and your company’s purpose, it follows that you’re brand awareness and engagement will also increase.

minimalism design

2. Illustrations

Using custom, hand-drawn images makes a lasting impression on your audience. What better way to showcase your talent and creativity, all while establishing an emotional connection with your current and potential customers? Personifying your brand will help others view you as more than just another company and one they can trust, thus increasing the likelihood that they’ll use your products or services.

3. Responsive

Let’s face it, it’s becoming an increasingly mobile world, with basically everyone owning a smartphone or tablet. Even toddlers are using them as educational tools and navigating apps better than some of us adults. But that’s part of what makes this digital era we’re living in so exciting! It’s also partly why it’s more important than ever for your website to be viewable on mobile devices. And by viewable we mean responsive.

Responsive web design is crucial in that your website must look the same on mobile devices as it does on a desktop. There must be no loss of design, resolution, and most importantly, functionality. Chances are, your clients and customers are mobile users and will expect to be able to get information about you and do business with you there. If you don’t have a responsive web design, you risk losing a substantial amount of potential customers.

responsive design

4. Modular Content

Beyond responsive design, there’s a movement from long-form content to short, bulleted lists and grid-patterned blocks with lines and columns. As the digital world takes over, our attention spans are adjusting to information overload and getting much shorter. In turn, people tend to digest smaller chunks of information better than longer paragraphs, so it’s more effective to make your content follow suit.

5. Useable

One of the latest design trends focuses on the user experience. When you go online, you’re no longer just seeing a bunch of content in the form of words. Now we’re seeing more visually-appealing things like:

  • GIFs or animated graphics
  • Infographics, which generally include both imagery and text
  • Live-streaming video

All of these make your site more appealing to the viewer, thus increasing the likelihood they’ll click and engage with your brand. The more people engage with your brand, the more memorable you are.

6. Networking

Stay updated on the latest trends and get inspired by fellow creatives on various social platforms like Behance, Pinterest and Dribbble. Social networking helps you gain insight on the latest trends and potentially meet other creatives, which will help build your brand awareness.

Need Help?

Contact myheartcreative, an Oklahoma web design studio, to learn more about the world of graphic design and how we can help you use it to your advantage. But don’t stop there; we’re also experts in the world of web, logo and product design.

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