9 Famous Types of Websites and What They Contain

Jan 10, 2023 | Web design

Web design in Dallas will vary based on the type of site that you need. The purpose of each website will vary, but most will fall under the following nine categories. You will notice that some of these websites can easily be combined to create something truly unique.

9 Types of Dallas Web Design

1. Personal Website

Personal websites are becoming more popular. They can showcase an individual’s work experience or expertise in their field. Many entertainers, for example, have personal sites. These websites can help build a presence online and provide users with quick access to the owner’s media, background, contact information, etc.


2. Business Website

One of the most common types of website design Dallas is the business website. This design needs to explain the company and attract clients/customers. A business site typically includes contact details, services, the mission statement, and basic information about the business.


3. E-Commerce Website

Any organization that sells inventory needs an e-commerce website. The purpose of an e-commerce site is to create a store online. For the website to be successful, it should have clean, clear images, product descriptions, payment integration, and shipping options.

One way to build customer trust is by creating a traditional business site that includes e-commerce. Sharing the company’s background and mission helps build trust with consumers.

Web Design in Dallas

4. Portfolio Website

A portfolio is almost a cross between a business and personal Dallas web design. The purpose is to share a gallery of work and attract more clientele. It should explain the services provided and have a call to action for the website visitors.


5. Nonprofit Website

Nonprofit websites need to explain organizations’ missions and create calls for support. These calls to action may include physical donations, monetary donations, and volunteer opportunities. Some nonprofits also use e-commerce to sell merchandise for their cause.

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6. Blog Website

If you want to become a professional blogger, a blog website will give you more domain authority than a free option that pays for itself with unknown ads. Blogs inform readers about specific topics such as current events, recipes, fashion, and more. Bloggers may require subscriptions to their sites and use a payment gateway.

Of course, a blog is possible with almost any web design in Dallas. In fact, we encourage our clients to blog when possible.


7. Forum Website

A forum is unique because it is a website where users share content. They require a system for creating and moderating discussion boards. Additionally, the form users will need to create their own accounts, which allow them to post and interact with other users.


8. Event Website

If you have attended a wedding recently, there is a good chance that you have seen an event website. They usually include essential information and details, a way to sign up or RSVP, and maps and directions.

If an organization is hosting events, there are ways to include maps and necessary information on a company site.


9. Splash Page

The simple splash page is typically a teaser for a coming website. However, this can be useful for sharing information and contact details until the entire site is complete.


Choosing Website Design Dallas

The purpose of a website will determine what type of design you need. However, you are not limited to one. Many companies blend business, blog, and e-commerce together in a single website. The purpose of professional website design and development is to create something that has the functionality you need to succeed. If you have any questions about our design process or any other services, please feel free to contact us.


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