amyellacreative logo design process

Sep 14, 2010 | Branding, Logo design, Milestones

Why amyellacreative?


amyella is a nickname given to me years ago by one of my best friends Gabriela Santiago. Gabriela in all her culture and beauty told me my name “amy” was boring! ha I love my simple name “amy” but on the other hand I don’t like boring. I began to like hearing amyella (pronounced amy el-uh). When broken up it turns out “ella” is actually a Germanic word meaning “all.” hmm Amy all… and they say: boredom is the result of a lazy mind. I can tell you my mind is boring free and very creative! So there you have it…amy all creative! Perfect.


I started the logo process by jotting down key words then moved on to sketches and doodles. I played with various shapes, wording arrangements, ideas for fonts, and more without censoring myself. I knew I wanted to integrate some sort of sharp element since my name is amy sharp and finally arrived on a couple main ideas from my sketches.

2amyellalogo sketches2amyellalogo sketches



One idea was to play with the triangle shape in my name. I experimented with the triangle and square shape while making various typography decisions. One major type revision was to the letter “e” and I decided to emphasize the “A” in the icon. The diagonal lines paired with a sharp clean square formed my icon which I love so much! When viewing the logo it needed to read amyella then creative since side by side both words create one long word. I experimented in grayscale determining how to break the words up.

3amyellalogo illustrator


The main color palette for amyellacreative was already in place from the prior website design, but I needed to decide how the color would be used. Red is such a bold, energetic, and passionate color. The red signifies my drive and love for design. In contrast to the reds and browns in my color palette grays and blues signify the calm, practical, and secure side to my design.

4amyellalogo color4amyellalogo color

Final Logo

Finally the logo for amyellacreative. Let me know what you think!

5amyellalogoreverse 5amyellalogoreverse




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