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Aug 1, 2013 | Logo design, Personal, Print design

If you haven’t noticed…amyellacreative is now called myheartcreative. I figured everyone would be wondering why the name change and really the name change is exciting for me so here is the story:

amyellacreative Background

When I launched amyellacreative I wanted to create an online presence for my design portfolio, my doodles, and to discover my voice (still discovering) through blogging. The name amyellacreative was formed with my old nickname “amyella” and “creative”. I do still love all things creative, but since 2010 my company has started to evolve beyond a simple nickname. Not only has amyellacreative changed, but there were also unforeseen problems with the name. Originally amyellacreative was more about me…Amy, but now a community is starting to form around amyellacreative. I also find myself having a hard time giving out the name a.m.y.e.l.l.a.c.r.e.a.t.i.v.e mostly because the “ella” is not normally paired with the word “Amy”.

You can see I went through a lot of brainstorming before deciding on the new name. I spent weeks thinking about the name change, then more weeks thinking of name options, more weeks discussing name options, and more weeks deciding on the new name!




myheartcreative Change

Since the company is changing and my life has changed the old name no longer fits. The new name is myheartcreative and with it brings a much broader base for me to discover, explore, and expand my creative avenues.

Name Details

My – My husband’s company name is myfaithmark. Many times we find ourselves sharing about his wedding officiating services and my wedding invitation designs at the same time. For cohesiveness I wanted the new name to start with “my” and ideally there would to be three words in the name.

Heart – I’ve always felt that God gave me my creative talent to glorify Him and to encourage those who need encouraging. The “heart” relates to my chazown and to the burdens for those suffering that God is laying on my heart.

The “heart” also is a wonderful symbol of love. Love is a beautiful thing and it is often the inspiration behind my invitation designs. myheartcreative fits perfectly with my love for creating wedding invitations and cards.

Lastly the “heart” is one of the most vital organs in the human body. The “heart” circulates our blood and keeps us alive. Design should communicate and make life better. I want my design to circulate life and move the living!

Creative – After exploring new names that were completely different from amyellacreative I decided I wanted to keep “creative” in the name so that the new name would feel tied to the old name.

The word “creative” is also a nice general word for ideas, creations, art, production, design, and often designers are referred to as “creatives” in the design industry.






Logo Details

For some time now the logos for amyellacreative, myfaithmark, and myviswasam (our parent company) have needed updating. The icons touching the type (particularly on the first letter of the words) made the names hard to read. The icons were also inconsistent. On amyellacreative the icon is the first letter of the word, on myfaithmark the icon is truly a symbol, and on myviswasam the icon was a mixture of all three and in a completely new placement.


The new logos were not meant to be total redesigns, but more logo refreshes. I wanted to keep some of the visual elements that help make up the identity of my company and my husband’s company. You can see the type is the same. The same colors are applied, but now they are applied so that the most powerful words are the focus. The overall feel is still very simple.


The icons are made up of hexagons, cubes, and geometric shaped icons that represent each company. The hexagon is a wonderful shape found often in nature due to it’s efficiency. The cube that visually protrudes from the hexagon is a very solid and grounded shape which is a great foundation for the cross and the heart. The cross and the heart are made up of the same rectangles. The icon placement is now right before the most significant words “faith” and “heart” adding more focus on these words.


Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me under the name amyellacreative for almost three years. I’m excited for the future of myheartcreative. I hope you enjoy the new name and the new logos.


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