And the Award for Trendiest Marketing Medium Goes to…

Mar 5, 2016 | Marketing, Print design

With so many uncertainties in life, it’s refreshing to know there’s one thing we can always count on–print mail. Maybe not every day, but most days it’ll be there in the mailbox with bright colors and flashy images, provoking us to pay attention to it. It could be a sale flyer for a furniture store or a monthly newsletter from the nearest hospital; regardless, it’s there for a purpose. All it needs is a few tiny seconds of our time and it will have achieved its goal of making a memorable impression. Seems like a pretty good deal for us; we get free, no-obligation information delivered right to our homes–no wifi or smartphone needed. But many still wonder why, in the digital age we are in, companies spend their time and money on print marketing</strong>; isn’t it a thing of the past? The answer, quite frankly, is no.

Here’s why:

People Prefer Print

At myheartcreative, we are big lovers of all things print. Few things are more satisfying to us than seeing a client’s reaction when their ideas are turned it into beautiful, tangible works of art. When it seems everyone’s going digital, we have no doubt that print is still very much alive. People often prefer print marketing to digital in the same way that they might prefer storefront shopping to online; we want to be able to see things in person. We want to see the sweater in person before we buy it, we want to have a printed coupon to take into the store, we want to receive formal invitations in the mail, etc. It’s in our human nature to want to touch, feel and hold things. We find it gratifying to be able to pick something up and see for ourselves. Who wouldn’t love a beautiful print brochure full of instructions delivered with their item they purchased online? Print can build even deeper connections to your brand when used as a follow up to an online sale. A study conducted by the USPS shows that people actually develop a subconscious desire for products they read about through physical media. We unknowingly place a value on an ad we can pick up and read, resulting in a more emotional reaction. This makes reading your ad a personal experience for readers and is a main reason why print remains a consumer preference in the marketing world.



It Works

How many of you have gone to a store as a reaction to a coupon or sale flyer you received in the mail? Would you have gone if you hadn’t gotten the flyer? Chances are, probably not. Statistics in a study by Iron Mountain show that 65% of consumers of all ages have made a purchase as a result of direct mail and that print messages drive almost seven out of 10 online searches. This means print works. How does it work? An eye-catchingly simple, to-the-point postcard or flier containing basic information about your company/event can make the reader stop in their tracks and pick it up. Once it has their attention, people tend to spend longer amounts of time reading and absorbing the printed material. This increases the likelihood of information retention; the more time readers spend on your material, the more likely they are to remember you. Print can also drive more traffic to your website or storefront when you include a coupon or QR Code that will entice them to further their experience and engagement with your company.


Less Competition

Although it seems more and more people are going digital, an article from MarketingProfs reads 76% of companies say their best marketing plan currently involves both print and digital ads, focusing a bit more on digital. This means there’s room for your company to make an impression in the print medium. And you might be surprised at how many readers are running back to the comforting arms of print. As the number of online users increase, so does the presence of ads, many of which can be annoying. They take up too much page space, increase page load times and can be frustrating to navigate around. This inconvenience can send readers running for print.

Time is also a major factor. These days, the digital world consumes a ton of our time. Keeping up with email and social media alone can take all evening, not to mention the amount of time we spend online searching for information and reading news. Many people are now looking for ways to cut the screen time and unplug. This is why print has gravitated from a traditional to a non-traditional (a.k.a. trendy) medium. As consumer behavior changes, so does the way we use, or don’t use, technology. With more readers looking for print and with less professional competition out there, it’s never been a better time to focus on print.

It’s Here to Stay

As long as humans have an inherent desire to touch and possess a natural, emotional connection to physical media, print will continue to be a major player in the marketing game. We can continue counting on direct mail in our mailboxes and we will still send cardstock invitations for special events. The way we use it will evolve with the changing times, but there’s no doubt that print marketing is here to stay.

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