Designing a logo, responsive website, business cards, and art directing custom photography for an Oklahoma construction company.



Choice Roofs General Contractor Services inspects, repairs, and maintains homes in the Oklahoma metro area. They offer general contractor services focused on quality roofing built to last. With over 25 years of experience they’ve earned the trust of many Oklahomans. Choice Roofs trusted myheartcreative to redesign their website for a stronger mobile website presence.


As myheartcreative and Choice Roofs discussed the responsive website design they agreed that a new visual foundation should be laid with a logo redesign prior to starting the website. The logo would set the tone for all of Choice Roofs design pieces. The logo icon is a geometric C shape with an upward arrow that can also be viewed as a rooftop. The icon is complete with a check mark signifying making the right choice with Choice Roofs. The primary brand color is now an energetic blue to convey their forward thinking, trustworthiness, and authority in their field of service. The company green changed from a gradient of toxic looking greens to a solid lively green that works well with the new blue color.

The responsive website design quickly followed the logo design project. Their new website design was created to transform it’s layout to fit any device – from desktop to mobile. After the design and development was complete, myheartcreative pulled all of Choice Roof’s existing content and built out custom graphics for pages throughout the website to add visual interest and create a more scannable experience for visitors. These graphics were built with actual photos of Choice Roofs in action rather than stock photos. This builds creditability and provides potential customers a glimpse of Choice Roofs at work. The website also features a form for visitors to submit their inspection requests, galleries to show work, and a blog.

The latest project completed for Choice Roofs was a business card design. This design is clean, organized, and visually engaging. The card features a large icon on the back along with an open space for notes from Choice Roofs.









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