Content Management Systems—Driving Your Website to Success

Aug 30, 2015 | CMS, Oklahoma Design Company, Oklahoma Web Design, Websites

Content rules in the world of website design and your CMS is the vehicle driving your website to success.

If you own a business, you, undoubtedly, have a website that gives your clients or customers information about you and what you do. As having an online presence becomes increasingly important, this information, and its freshness, is vital to your website’s success.

Prior to the advent of the content management system (CMS), users were charged with the task of either learning how to write code or hiring a professional to update their website content. Both options required a lot of time and money. Fortunately, the introduction of the CMS saved us from these costly methods.

What is a CMS? And how is it good for your business?

Content management systems are web applications that allow you to create, publish and manage your website content. They offer a code-free, web-based format for you to update, change or remove your content with ease. Many offer a variety of formats, themes and elements that give you the freedom to customize and grow your website. They also manage and archive your data and track your analytics.


It’s beneficial to your business in many ways. For starters, it saves you time. Time is of the essence in business and spending excessive amounts of time waiting for a professional to update your website can be detrimental to your company. Having a CMS allows you to make the changes yourself, which saves you an immeasurable amount of time. Have a last-minute event you want to promote on your website? No problem; you can bypass the middleman and post it yourself. Your Webmaster can’t get to your updates until the end of next week? Not an issue with a CMS; simply login and update away.

And, since they’re web-based, you can gain access from anywhere that has an internet connection. You don’t have to worry about spending your precious evening hours at the office; you can make changes from home, the coffee shop, the library, etc. It also allows multiple users, so you can share the responsibility with others. How’s that for ultimate efficiency?


Saving time means saving money. By updating the content yourself, you save money that would otherwise be spent on contracting the service or having an in-house position for the task. Pre-CMS, some companies employed as many as three people to accomplish what the CMS enables you to do with one – that is a substantial amount of savings.

Content drives the internet and you’ll be left in the dust by your competition if you don’t make regular updates to keep your site fresh. Frequent updates drive more traffic to your site, which generates more potential clients or customers for your business. Search engines, like Google, score sites for fresh content and if you don’t refresh your website content on a regular basis, your search engine ranking will decrease. This means you’ll be leaving a lot of money on the table for your competitors. A CMS gives you the control to keep your content updated frequently and with ease, thus keeping your site competitive.

At myheartcreative, we know how valuable your time and money are. That’s why we ensure our clients spend the least amount of both on keeping their content up-to-date. We trust our content management system, WordPress, to keep your company’s website fresh and in your control. Webvis CMS offers web-based hosting, blogs, calendars, media, file management, forms and photo galleries. With unlimited pages, subpages and storage, plus access for multiple users, it’s an invaluable asset to your company. Everything works together to give you a dynamic, user-friendly representation of your company that can be updated at any time, by you.

Not sure you’re ready to be in control? No worries – we provide one-on-one training, so you’ll be confidently refreshing your content in no time. Our blogs are also available online for any questions or issues you may have. Of course, we are always just a phone call away.

For more information, contact myheartcreative.


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