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Dec 9, 2016 | Design, Design Studio, Holidays, Printable

Window Decorating, Christmas Style!

To help usher in the Christmas Season and to spread cheer to our surrounding neighbors near our OKC web design studio in Bethany, we decided to have a little fun and decorate the windows.




We totally loved creating our Christmas card this year and wanted to take it a bit further by decorating our windows here in the OKC web design studio. We wanted to share our Christmas joy with everyone who may pass by, and now we want to extend it to our online friends so we’re sharing the stencils with you! All you have to do is download and print.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

Heavy card stock paper
Exacto knife
Inkjet or laser printer (to print out stencil template)
A WASHABLE Extra Broad Tip Window Paint Marker (such as dr. paint)

Prepare to stencil.

The first and most important step is to clean your glass surface with a good ammonia-based window cleaner. Gotta have those windows sparkly clean for your window design to shine.


  • Next, open up the pdf, print out your templates.
  • Using an Exacto knife (or scissors if you are more comfortable using these) and carefully cut out your templates.
  • After you have cut out the stencils, layout your shapes into the desired pattern that you want to see on the window.

Now the fun part!

Evenly trace around the stencil and make sure you get a good layer down. You may go over the shape twice for even consistency and for the desired effect, but make sure you follow the instructions on the paint marker to get a good flow going or you will have to go over the shapes several times.


TIP: It was a bit challenging tracing some of the shapes on the left side of my hand, so I suggest taping the stencil shapes to the window first, that way you won’t have to trace around your hand. I also suggest painting the windows during the time of day when the sun is not directly beaming on the window or you will have to move fast and be very accurate because the paint will dry fast. I learned this the hard way!

Don’t make this stressful. Remember this is all about Christmas Joy! We hope you use these stencils or make your own and start decorating. Never stop creating, and contact us for any questions about OKC web design or graphic design OKC.

Download Here

Merry Christmas from myheartcreative.


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