Global Branding OKC: Tips on Taking Your Brand Worldwide

Feb 27, 2023 | Branding

A custom branding OKC strategy is one of your most powerful tools. By building audience awareness and loyalty, this plan can boost your success and sustain that growth in the long term. Once you have built strong recognition locally, you may consider expanding into a larger market.

There are many areas to focus on when you want to grow your reach. For some, a regional or national audience may be best. If you want to expand on a greater scale, taking your business worldwide with a global branding strategy may be preferable. Of course, this growth does not have to happen overnight. For example, our Oklahoma design team opened a satellite studio in Texas before expanding to our second design studio in India.

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What to Know About Global Branding:

Branding involves using a consistent tone and visual appearance on anything related to your business, like your website, graphic design OKC materials, and packaging. Global branding takes this to a larger scale, with some minor changes made according to geographical and cultural differences. Successful global branding allows you to establish a consistent look and feel for your brand while appealing to the unique tastes of international audiences.

Considering these three unique challenges that come with global branding can help create a smooth transition as you take your brand worldwide:


1. Lost in Translation

A key part of branding is helping people recognize and remember your name. If you have a slogan or catchphrase, you likely want people to associate that with you as well. Once you take your brand worldwide, there is a chance that your name and slogan could become lost in translation, potentially leading to a passive response, confusion, or even distaste.

For example, your brand’s name may mean something unrelated to what you do when read from the perspective of someone with a different native language. Or, your slogan may not make sense when directly translated into another language. To prevent these issues, you may need to consider things like altering the pronunciation of your brand’s name on a regional basis, adding descriptive words to your full name, or using a different catchphrase for select markets.


2. Multiple New Markets

When you established your brand identity, you likely conducted thorough research to understand the preferences and dislikes of your target audience. Getting to know your potential customers can help you create a strong identity that makes sense for your business, stands out from your competitors, and appeals to your audience.

To expand globally, you will also need to meet the wants and needs of new markets. To ensure that you can grow a presence in these areas, you may need to be willing to adapt certain aspects of your brand identity to fit with local norms and expectations. However, do not go too far with this. In addition to adapting to different markets, you still need to present yourself as a cohesive brand.


3. Different Associations

Your culture has a profound impact on the way that you interact with the world. It can inspire and encourage unique psychological associations with different concepts, objects, emotions, colors, and more. As such, to expand globally, you must remember that things do not mean the same thing everywhere.

This is another area where you may have to adapt your branding OKC to fit in locally. Similar to how culture will inspire the colors, symbols, language, and typography in your logo design, it will impact how you represent your brand as a whole. Luckily, there is often some overlap between cultures, so you will not be starting from scratch whenever you try to grow your brand in a new country.

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Key Tips for Taking Your Branding OKC Strategy Worldwide.

These three Oklahoma design tips can help your brand successfully reach new cultures and markets:


1. Conduct Thorough Research

Before moving your brand to a new market, take the time to understand the audience culturally and geographically. For example, will your logo’s colors clash with the message you want to share? Will your slogan make sense in a new language? Will you need to adjust your marketing for new platforms? This research will help you succeed, but a willingness to evolve will ensure you thrive.


2. Consistency Is Everything

A cohesive visual presence is essential. Every graphic design OKC element you share should feature a consistent style and tone, so your audience can build strong brand recognition. This is especially important since you will now have competition on a global scale.


3. Do Not Forget Local Markets

Even though you are branding globally, remember to connect with your audiences on a local level. Combining global and local efforts allows you to promote a unified brand while still appealing to specific areas. For example, your main products can be available worldwide, and you may also offer a few unique items to specific markets.


Grow Your Brand Globally with Our Oklahoma Design Team.

Our graphic design OKC team understands the challenges and appreciates the rewards of expanding to new areas. Because of this, myheartcreative is ready to help you take your brand worldwide too. Get in touch to meet with our team.


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