How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Business Logo

Oct 21, 2020 | Logo design, Branding, Color, Oklahoma Design Company, Tips

Once you have the perfect black and white logo, it is time to start the next phase of logo design OKC, choosing logo colors. Your choices are practically limitless, but the best colors for business logos are those that communicate your organization’s vision and help you stand out from the competition.

How to Choose Logo Colors?

While colors for business logos vary, the two you see the most are blue and red. Of course, there is no reason to choose colors simply because your competitors have them. Starbucks has no trouble with its logo. Choosing logo colors may feel daunting. Fortunately, we have some information about colors that demonstrate the best colors for business logos in any industry.


Blue is a cold color because of its association with water and air. It creates a sense of trust and dependability. Using the wrong shade of blue, however, may feel sterile, so choose wisely. Blue is common for industries that want to make people feel comfortable.



One of our favorite colors, red is energizing and eye-catching. A warm color, people associate it with strength and strong emotions. Food, tech, and auto companies often choose red.


mhc Sisemore logo


While not the most common logo color, purple communicates sophistication, wisdom, and in specific shades, spirituality. Purple is another cold color, but it can inspire respect.

mhc soulfly2020 logo


Green is the color of nature and communicates serenity and health. Green is not an overly hot or cold color, which helps bring a sense of balance and harmony.

mhc revival concrete and landscape logo


The color of the sun, yellow is a bright, cheerful, and hopeful color. It is eye-catching and can stimulate creativity and energy.


mhc myokplan2020 logo



Often associated with femininity, pink can be calming and provide feelings of inspiration, hope, or fun, depending on the shade’s intensity.

mhc Gourmet Sweets On A Budget logo


A black and white logo might seem boring, but it can have a substantial impact. This timeless look provides a feeling of sophistication and value.

mhc The Oil Butler logo

This is not a complete list, but it does cover the basics. We do have more information about logos and color associations.

Colors do inspire different feelings, but this information alone is not how to choose logo colors. As part of our logo design OKC process, we will help guide your choice based on our expertise, your target audience, and personal preference. Your logo will be around for years, so it is imperative that it has colors you like.

Additionally, we provide each client with a logo palette. You are not limited to using one or even two colors.

mhc The Oil Butler colors

Consistency is necessary for branding, but having secondary colors to use with your logo gives you the flexibility to create marketing materials that stand out.

Your logo is the most critical aspect of your brand, which is why we take the time to understand your organization and design each element to work for you. If you have any questions about logo design OKC, website design, or any of our other services, please reach out. We are more than happy to help you create a lasting brand.


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