Improve Your Website’s EAT and Oklahoma SEO By Avoiding These 5 Mistakes

Sep 21, 2022 | SEO

A lot goes into successful search engine optimization; your Oklahoma SEO team will need to develop and optimize content, keep track of your competitors, stay on top of algorithm updates, and more. For the best results, you also need to consider your website’s EAT.


What is EAT, and How Does it Relate to Oklahoma SEO?

When determining your website’s ranking, search engines will consider your Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness:

  • Expertise shows that you are an industry leader; publishing content that reflects your knowledge shows you are a reliable source of information.
  • Authoritativeness backs up your expertise; establish this by engaging in industry-related online communities and sharing valuable content that other brands link to.
  • Trustworthiness appeals to users and search engines; show your reliability by sharing accurate content, keeping your domain secure, and communicating with customers.

Without these characteristics, your other SEO and digital marketing OKC efforts will not pay off as much as they should.


5 SEO and EAT Mistakes to Avoid:

When it comes to your SEO Oklahoma marketing strategy, investing your time and resources is well worth it. Start strong by avoiding these 5 mistakes.


1. Publishing Duplicate Content

One of the worst SEO mistakes is publishing duplicate or plagiarized content. If one of your blogs is the same or extremely similar to a blog already shared by one of your competitors, search engines have no reason to promote you over the original poster.

Avoiding duplicate content goes beyond taking information from other sources. You also need unique content on individual pages within your website. This increased original information will appeal to search engines and highlight your expertise and authoritativeness.


2. Poor Customer Support

Even the best content will not take you far if your audience does not trust your brand. If your customer support is unreliable or elusive, people will not want to return for additional products or services. Additionally, customers with bad experiences will likely leave reviews to warn others.

Show trustworthiness by prioritizing customer experiences. Your brand can start by clearly sharing your contact information, responding to issues in a timely manner, and professionally responding to bad reviews. While there is always a chance that customers will have poor experiences, considering these will help reduce that risk.


3. Sharing Inconsistent Content

For your Oklahoma SEO content, you need to focus on consistency regarding topics and quality. Everything should be relevant, useful, and well-written. If you frequently share information that has nothing to do with your industry or let your content quality drop, your audience may not view you as a reliable source. Consistent content will highlight your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.


4. Paying for Backlinks

If other businesses in your industry link to your content, it will help boost your authority and credibility. As such, you may consider looking into link-building services to increase this further. However, search engines discourage these paid link-building efforts. If your content highlights your expertise and shares information in a user-friendly way, you can build up backlinks naturally.


5. Rushing the Process

Authentically showing your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness will help grow your brand. However, establishing these takes time, from initial strategizing and content updates to keeping up with customer experiences. This time and effort are increased when you start working on your SEO and Oklahoma marketing.

Designing and implementing a successful SEO strategy is not a one-person, one-time job. Digital marketing trends and search engine algorithms constantly change, so supporting your website’s EAT and keeping a good search engine ranking is an ongoing process.


Grow Your Brand with Digital Marketing OKC.

While avoiding these 5 mistakes can improve your website’s EAT and SEO, much more goes into creating and running a solid strategy. Reaching out to a professional digital marketing team is always helpful – get in touch to grow your brand with myheartcreative.


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