As an OKC photographer, our Media Artist has stepped up her work with myheartcreative to include weddings and bridal portraits. This September, we participated in the Indie Bridal Show to share our work with others. Our team had a great time and met wonderful people.

Wedding Photographer OKC

As you can see, our booth was set up for pictures, and we had the joy of interacting with many couples and learning more about their hopes and plans for the future. We were also in the coolest location right below the vent. We had visitors come cool down during their travels.

myheartcreative OKC Wedding Photography

Indie Bridal Show Highlights

  • We had beautiful flowers from The Wild Mother.
  • We held a drawing for a free wedding photoshoot; expect to see photos in the future.
  • We provided attendees with discount coupons.

Wedding Photography OKC

Along with meeting beautiful couples, we had the chance to connect with other vendors in the bridal industry. Some of them were out of the ordinary.

Do you know the difference between a llama and an alpaca? These are alpacas if you need a clue.

OKC Wedding Photographer


Our experience at the Indie Bridal Show was enjoyable, and we hope to see you at future events.

As we grow in our wedding photography, we invite you to come on the journey with us. From engagement photoshoots to wedding pictures and video, our packages have you covered. Contact us to find out more, or request a consultation.


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