Introducing The New SEO: Breakthrough Technology You Need To Know

Feb 29, 2016 | Content Marketing, Content Writing, SEO

Drive into the year ahead armed with the latest social media technology. When it comes to nailing those creative headlines and creating content that inspires others to “click” away on your content, SEO is the best way to lure in new readers and clients. So, what is this SEO stuff? How do I use it? And where do I get more? Have no fear, myheartcreative has some super juicy tips and tricks for the NEW SEO that will help your business grow bigger and badder than the year before.

Get Vocal

The rise of “voice command” means different keywords and structured data, because voice search is becoming so popular. Whether you like to talk to Siri or say “Okay Google” you need to taper the keywords in your content to be both powerful and emotional.

People speak emotionally. When they read content on a mobile device they are looking for words that are emotional and jump out at them, because at that moment their phone is their line of all communication. The more emotionally charged words you use in your titles, taglines, blogs and advertising, the more people will be attracted to your aesthetic or tempted to click on your content.

Ditch Your Desktop Thinking

With the rise in more people using their mobile phones for everything, including browsing, reading and email updates, mobile searches will surpass the desktop this year. How could that affect your business? The design aspect will need to cater to those using mobile and tablet sized devices. This also means:

  • The click on the site itself doesn’t matter, but how the user is interacting with your site. Did they share your content via one of your social media app links like facebook, twitter, google +, or instagram at the bottom of the article?
  • Did you link other content on your blog, website or online magazine to specific emotionally charged keywords?
  • Does your article contain 1,100 to 1,200 words? Because that’s what they are predicting to perform best when people search Google content over the next year.
  • Why not do a search yourself for your own company, or test your content length? Or hire myheartcreative to create amazing content for you!

SEO Meets Search Engines

Search engines are simply getting more smart. Search engines are designed to anticipate what other words you might expect to be in an article you are searching. This is why the more emotional and powerful the words are, the more likely the content is to be displayed. Instead of thinking about the keywords alone, throw them out the window and focus your SEO on being totally authoritative throughout the entire article. The truth about SEO is that it needs to be colorful, innovative, outstanding and genuine. ”See what I did there?”

Become a Link Guru

Learn how to then market your content and build traffic via links to make for a better website as a whole. For instance, if you are reading a piece about fashion. People aren’t just clicking on a word that is associated with that fashion or brand. They want to click on the word or couple of words that say ‘big bargain’, ‘colossal value’, or the ‘new it item’. People want the best, and your SEO needs to establish that they are about to get it!

When it comes to finding someone to help you with all of this social media posting, ultimate SEO creation, dynamic mobile or tablet friendly design, and business-minded blogging–look no further than myheartcreative.

Our team can help you create content that will increase your social shares, promote higher traffic, and pump up your SEO value. We will help you grow your business with the same hard work and elbow grease it takes to keep myheartcreative running with innovative advice from us right to your handheld device.

Contact us out today.

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