Is WordPress Right for You?

When choosing a CMS for your Oklahoma web design, there are many factors to consider. Your website is a combination of the look, layout, images, content, and function. All of these elements need to work together seamlessly. WordPress is a popular and familiar platform for many users. People use it for personal blogs, hobbies, and company platforms. There is a reason why roughly one-third of websites are on WordPress, and function plays an important role.


WordPress is an open platform, which means that it is possible to create unique functions by adding plugins from different web developers. With WordPress, you can do almost anything. Web design OKC is more effective when the planning process is flexible.


Here are just a few things you can do with plugins:

  • Build Forms
  • Share Recipes
  • Sync Calendars
  • Create Memberships
  • Plan Giveaways
  • Generate Interactive Maps
  • Customize Shipping
  • Provide Logins for Private User Access
  • List Extensive Directory/Database Content

While plugins are useful tools, they do require careful maintenance. Fortunately, we take care of the maintenance for our clients.

Maintaining Your Site

All websites require regular backup and maintenance, and WordPress is no exception. As one of the more dedicated web design companies in Oklahoma City, our team maintains every site that we host. We back up websites weekly and carefully check for updates in WordPress as well as any plugins in use. If a plugin retires, we will help you find a new one to ensure that your site continues to run smoothly. By taking on the task of website maintenance, you are free to focus on your organization. Of course, we provide monthly reports, so you always know how your site is doing.

When you combine a custom design with extensive functionality, the result is a website that stands out from the crowd. If you are in the process of creating your first website, or you know it is time to upgrade, please contact us. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your needs and create a custom site that is perfect for you and your company.