Jeff and Kasey are special to our video production OKC company and wedding photographer OKC team, not only because we had the pleasure of photographing their wedding day, but also because Sam got to be their Oklahoma wedding officiant!

OKC Wedding Photography and Wedding Officiant

More than a Bride and Groom

This couple brings more than a bride and groom to their union. This was the blending of two extraordinary families into one. Being their wedding officiant meant that we got to learn even more about their stories as we fell in love with this couple! They were laid back, and at the same time, very serious. They took their wedding beyond “sweet” to sincere. This was a day for more than the bride and groom, and you felt it with every petal dropped, every flash, every tear, and every “I do”.

Tunget Wedding 3

Tunget Wedding 10

Tunget Wedding 48

Tunget Wedding 116

Tunget Wedding 24

Tunget Wedding 160

Tunget Wedding 192

Tunget Wedding 94

Tunget Wedding 257

Tunget Wedding 263

Tunget Wedding 277

Oklahoma Pandemic Wedding

To make this couple even more awesome, they had a pandemic wedding. Nothing like holding on to your love and commitment while the world is on such unsure ground. They built a solid foundation of love on Christ, on commitment, and on hard work. Hearing their personalized vows told us this is true.

Tunget Wedding 253

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