Do More With Less

Do More With Less
We will work responsibly while honoring a work-life balance. By operating resourcefully, over time, we can give with a greater impact. 

When you keep a clear line between work time (40 hours per week) and personal time, you may end up with “less” work from your team members, but as individuals they will thrive! Truly, a thriving team yields a thriving studio! Not only do we respect our team’s after hour evenings and weekends, we also strongly encourage vacation time so that they can recharge their creative energy.

Another factor of doing more with less means welcoming children into our studio. Babies up to the age of 6 months can join their mother/father at work. Once a baby is wiggling and wanting to move we encourage team members to use our family room to have their spouse, family member, or even their own nanny come into the studio to care for their baby. This helps the parent keep a close eye on their child while still managing to create their best work. This is also helpful for nursing mothers or for children with disabilities who need their parents nearby. This is one of the primary reasons we have a family room! Yes, less dedicated work space for myheartcreative, but MORE REAL WORK space for life. The real work is our real lives…our families. When families are together they are stronger and they make stronger team members. This might mean that big kids are a little noisy playing in the family room during the summers, but we see this as an added bonus of joy and a helping hand to a family who might not want to enroll their child in a full-time daycare.

Beyond offering maternity leave, our family room, and dedication respecting the 40-hour work week, we also believe in doing more with less income. We donate many of our services to ministries and non-profits. We donate everything from logos, to websites, to print designs, to photoshoots. We believe when we give from our talents God uses us to better the community around us and the world. We want to leave a legacy of love; what better way than to use our talents to build up the organizations that we serve with inspiring designs, powerful websites, and marketing materials. We also give, directly from the studio straight to the local church and do not take commissions from artists we support.

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