Logo Colors: What’s Best for Your Brand?

May 26, 2022 | Logo design

Creating a logo design OKC involves much more than combining images, fonts, and colors. The finished design should represent your brand in a way that highlights what makes you unique and encourages people to want to learn more about you. One element of the design that drives interest from your target audience is the use of color.

Colors have a unique effect on people; some may remind you of nature or sophistication, some may bring about feelings of security or excitement. Whatever palette you choose, it is essential that it makes sense for your business and your industry. However, you should also consider what your competitors’ logos look like to ensure that you will still stand out.

Choosing Your Logo Design OKC Colors.

When it comes to your logo and its effect on people, remember that there is more to it than putting certain colors together. The combination of images and text is equally important, which is why our Oklahoma design team starts our logo designs in black and white. Once you are happy with the initial design, we will add color to your logo. Here are some color associations that can help with the process:



This exciting color can make you stand out. Red is associated with strength and strong emotions. It can also lean more modern or playful.

red logo


This color is fun and energetic. Orange is eye-catching and balances the energy of red with the friendliness of yellow. It can also be more casual.

orange logo


This eye-catching color is cheerful and friendly. Yellow is associated with vibrancy and creativity. It represents a bright and hopeful energy.

yellow logo


This color is highly versatile and creates a sense of balance. Green reminds people of nature and serenity. It can also represent wealth or health.

green logo


This cool-toned color creates feelings of dependability and trust. Blue is associated with serenity and comfort. It can also lean more playful or natural.

blue logo


This unique logo color can be both classic and modern. Purple can create a sense of wisdom and luxury. It can also be exciting or even spiritual.

purple logo


This color is versatile and can range from calm to exciting. Pink is associated with hope and inspiration. It can also appear modern and upscale.

pink logo


This earth-toned color can help you stand out. Brown is related to nature or even seriousness. It can also remind people of vintage or classic designs.

brown logo


This logo color can have a significant impact. Black is associated with value and luxury. It provides a timeless yet modern feeling of sophistication.

black logo


Your logo may feature multiple colors. In addition to making sure that they project the right message, it is essential that they look good together:

  • Complementary palettes use colors on opposite sides of the color wheel.
  • Analogous palettes feature colors that are next to each other on the color wheel.
  • Triadic palettes use three colors that are equally spaced from each other.
  • Monochromatic palettes feature various shades, tones, or tints of one color.

Your Oklahoma Design Team.

A carefully thought-out and well-designed logo has a powerful effect because it draws people to your business. At myheartcreative, our team is ready to help create your ideal logo design. Get in touch to begin.


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