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Sep 7, 2015 | Content Marketing, Web design

Using a website as communication tool is one of the best things you can do to get your business booming. In this day and age, you’ve got to get creative when it comes to user friendly website design and mobile friendly website design; however, it’s easy to miss some amazing promotional points in terms of communicating with your clients or market. Some of the biggest things people miss out on: Is your website user friendly? Do the tabs correctly represent the individual sections of your website? Are you using a contact form instead of pop-up email in a new window? Do you have easy access links to social media platforms? Here at myheartcreative we believe the website design features below can help you promote your business by using a website to your utmost advantage as a communication tool.

Brand Image

Finding the right design to represent your brand is the first step in using an innovative website as a communication tool. Visuals communicate your brand in just one glance. The logo image and design you choose for your website should be unique and attractive; the logo design should identify your business and make people stop browsing to click on your content tabs.


Content Tabs

Content tabs or navigation are those easy to use buttons you want clients and potential clients to click on. These tabs take people to separate pages where your business is explained, people can learn about your brand, contact you, find your social media sites, and learn more about why your product or business is the best option for them! Basically, these communicate the most important actions to your clients and allows them to browse through your website effortlessly.


Email & Form Submissions

People surfing your page need to know how to get in touch with you. This is super-crucial when it comes to using your website as a communication tool. You want potential clients, new business, and long time clients to be able to contact you in the most easy way possible. Some businesses choose to use an email pop out system in a separate window that automatically connects to the user’s default email account. The only problem with this: people rarely set up default accounts all that often with systems like Outlook. You could miss potential business, because people don’t always want to copy and paste your email, or they can’t. This is where contact forms come in handy. The form has a place for the user to submit all of their information directly to you, so you can get in touch in one easy phone call or email.


Promote Your Content

The easiest way to use your website as a communication tool is to promote your content through social media links. Easy to embed, you can place social media link logos right on your homepage, so users can immediately link to your business on other platforms. Social media links can also be placed under blog sections. People can easily promote your work on their own pages, so users know an alternate way to get in touch or tag you in content they share. Plus, it’s free advertising!


You should have basic accounts set up for your business on social media sites like: Linkedin, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Other social media sites with massive communication potential on your website include Four Square, Tumblr, Renren (for social media markets in China), Pinterest, Snapchat, and Disqus. In order to manage these efficiently, you might want to consider hiring myheartcreative. We have creative writers with social media experience. You can also invest in a social media management tool like Hootsuite for social marketing DIY.

At myheartcreative we believe our clients should meet directly with our Creative Director on every project. That way you know we are all hearing your big, unique ideas without some middleman muddying up your vision. We are committed to being easily accessible, engaging, and invested in your project! Check out myheartcreative for all your web design needs.

We’ll tackle your website project with the same elbow grease and hard work it takes to build myheartcreative! Contact us to get started.

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