Making a Website Work Harder Through Functionality and Advanced Programming

Jan 11, 2022 | Oklahoma Web Design

A lot of work goes into web design in Oklahoma City. Our team focuses on making unique designs, creating informative content, and maintaining your website so everything runs smoothly and stays secure. However, we do much more to ensure that your website helps your business grow as much as possible. Through functionality and advanced programming, our team will create a website that works hard for your business.


Helping Your OKC Web Design Work for Your Business

Every business, company, and organization is different, so your website should reflect this. In addition to creating an OKC web design that fits your branding and appeals to your target audience, our team will customize your website with the programming and functionality tools that make sense for you. The software and programming that works best for one website may not work for another. That is why our team chooses each tool or API integration on a case-by-case basis, so your website will have the advanced functionality that you need.


Customizable Forms

One of the most effective ways to make a website more functional is to include forms. Our team can not speak highly enough about the value of a great form, especially the value of working a quality customizable form to its fullest! This tool is highly individualized, so we can create one that fits your business, industry, and target audience. For example, your website can include forms for:

  • Quote requests
  • Appointment requests
  • Custom orders
  • Registrations
  • Online payments

While including forms on your website will definitely increase functionality (which can lead to a boost in your business’s success), good functionality goes way beyond our beloved forms.

OKC Web Design

Payment Options

Whether your business sells your original product or your organization has a store to help support its cause, our advanced programming options can help. Including e-commerce on your website will help sell products and services online. This makes the buying and selling process simpler, faster, and more secure for you and your customers. If it makes sense for your company, you may also add a PO form option. This allows your customers to order your product or service but pay at a later time. Our team can also add online gift cards and digital coupons to your website.


Scheduling and Booking

Programming for scheduling and booking can be extremely useful for a variety of businesses, whether you rent out relaxing vacation houses to customers or need to efficiently schedule appointments for patients at your medical practice. Our design and development team will work with you to determine which functionality is best for your website and makes the most sense for your business. For example, through our advanced programming tools, we recently cut a client’s booking software bill by 90% – saving them on high monthly costs. Many scheduling and booking options that our team can include on your website are designed to work on both desktop and mobile versions, which helps your website work hard for you.

Oklahoma Web Design

Sharing Content

There are endless types of content to share. By increasing functionality, you ensure that your customers can sort listings, search by categories, and get the information they need. Various software allows you to share files online and make those files available to download. If you host events or need to share time-sensitive information, our team can integrate calendars and maps into the design. To show first-time visitors that your business is a great choice, our tools will add reviews from Google and Facebook to your website. Your website can also include content that is exclusive to a specific group. For example, advanced programming ensures that certain pages can only be accessed by members.


Creating Your Web Design in Oklahoma City

Focusing on functionality and including advanced programming in your business’s website design can help you succeed, whether you run a new local organization or represent an established international company. Our team will consider what you need from your website, so it will work harder for you. Get in touch to start creating your website with myheartcreative.


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