Mistakes to Avoid While Designing Custom Websites

Jul 2, 2021 | Web design OKC, Oklahoma Web Design, Web design

When designing a custom website, incorporating responsive OKC web design elements helps create a positive user experience. Through a responsive design, you ensure that users have a complete experience whether they are on their computer, smartphone, or tablet. In any website design OKC project, but especially for responsive designs, there are some mistakes to avoid to ensure that your website highlights your business’s quality.

5 OKC Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

1. Focusing on One Device

As you create your website, you need to consider how it will look on every device. If you only design for computers, your mobile website may become crowded and difficult to navigate. If you design while focused entirely on your mobile site, the desktop version may be unimpressive.

In addition to the website’s appearance, make sure to pay attention to user-friendliness. In particular, consider the use of touchscreens as you work on your mobile website design OKC. Clickable items need to be large enough to be pressed easily but not so large that they disrupt the design.

2. Only Using One Design

An important aspect of web design in Oklahoma City is creating a website that is cohesive (but not identical) across devices. Designing a good mobile website involves more than compressing the desktop version. For a positive user experience, you need to make a user interface that works within the limited available space.

One element that should change between devices is the navigation menu, as most menu designs are not one-size-fits-all. Consider the device and individual site layout when selecting your navigation menus. Using the right menu for each device will streamline your design and increase user-friendliness.

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3. Hiding Your Content

Although your website may not always have as much space for images and text on certain device formats, that does not mean that you should just delete that content. Instead, creatively rearrange your content for mobile viewers so it can be easily read and visually appealing. You can hide some content for the mobile site, but be careful not to hide too much so users can still get the full website experience.

4. Ignoring Loading Times

When it comes to computers, you can often use relatively large resources in your designs due to fast loading times. However, users who view your site on their smartphones or tablets may only have access to limited 2G or 3G connections. A page that loads quickly on your desktop site may load slowly for mobile users, costing you traffic.

5. Overcomplicating the Process

If you put in the work to build a successful website, do not throw that time away by creating an entirely separate mobile site. It takes time to redirect your main website to a separate mobile URL, negatively affecting the user experience. Having two websites with the same purpose will also negatively impact your SEO.

While these are just a few things to keep in mind, there are more factors to consider to create the perfect website for your business. Get in touch to learn more about our services for web design in Oklahoma City.


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