OGIC SEO Case Study


In November of 2020, the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council (OGIC) contacted myheartcreative about improving the reach of their website. The goal was to establish better traffic and increase organic rankings focused on their two target audiences, consumers and those in the grape industry.


Goals and Strategies

We implemented various strategies to meet our client’s goals.

  • We completed thorough keyword research to determine the keywords their audiences were searching.
  • We reviewed top-tier directories and other key sites to ensure that all of their information was correct.
  • We created content to publish on industry websites.
  • The campaign we created optimized targeted keywords on OGIC’s website as well as the off-site content.


(November 2020 to October 2021)

case study OGIC oct2021


  • 17 keywords rank on the first page of the main search engines, which is an increase of 142%
  • 5 keywords rank first in Google 500%
  • 6,836 unique page views

November 2020

When the campaign began, OGIC’s website had:

  • 0 impressions
  • 0 sessions
  • 0 page views
  • 0 clicks
  • 7 keywords in the top 10
  • 0 keywords in the number one spot

October 2021

OGIC’s ranking has increased month-over-month. In October 2021 alone, OGIC’s website had:

  • 4,667 impressions
  • 805 page views with 545 being unique
  • 17 keywords in the top 10
  • 5 keywords in the number one spot



As we continue to monitor Google trends, search keywords, and create new content, we expect OGIC to continue showing improvement. Since myheartcreative began working to improve their reach, these numbers have increased significantly. From November 11, 2020, to October 2021, OGIC’s website had:

  • 30,990 impressions
  • 3,953 sessions
  • 9,692 page views, of which 6836 are unique
  • 889 clicks
  • 17 keywords in the top 10
  • 5 keywords in the number one spot
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