Oklahoma Drone Photography

Oklahoma Photography Services

Experience the Advantages of Commercial Drone Photography in Oklahoma.

Visual communication is essential to gaining the trust of your audience. At myheartcreative, we have done enough Oklahoma photography to know how powerful pictures are. With the right images, you will create emotional responses in viewers.

Oklahoma drone photography and videography provide high-quality aerial shots that are perfect for websites, online marketing, and print products. Oklahoma City aerial imaging shows a new, dynamic view of your business.

When you work with our FAA Certified Drone Operator, you are secure in the knowledge that a trained professional will meet your needs and communicate your message. See our drone photography.

We provide drone video and Oklahoma aerial photography services

  • Landscapes
  • Roofing
  • Real estate
  • Cattle and land
  • Weddings
  • Marketing
  • Search and rescue

Do I have to hire a Certified Drone Operator for my project?

Yes. Your commercial drone operator must have passed the FAA 107 and be from a reputable company with registered and insured drones. Additionally, the operator must submit a flight plan to the FAA for all drone flights.

How much advance notice is necessary when booking?

According to the FAA, different air class spaces require specific notifications/permissions. Some can take approximately 30 days, so consider this when scheduling an Oklahoma City drone photography session.

Can you record video and take photos for my marketing project?

Yes. We have the combined experience of our Certified Drone Operator and our Creative Director. Our Creative Director has 15 years of photoshoot art direction experience. They work together to plan and execute your photoshoot. If you are interested in images for your marketing campaign, please contact us.

Can you take pictures at night?

Per the FAA, we can fly drones 30 minutes before sunrise or 30 minutes after sunset. Flying drones at night is not permitted at this time for Oklahoma City aerial imaging.

Can you fly over people?

The FAA does not permit flying directly over people. However, a good Oklahoma aerial imaging pilot can still take creative photos of people without flying directly over them.

Can you fly your drone while riding in a moving vehicle for my video?

Yes. As long as it is NOT in a densely populated area, this is permitted per FAA.gov. During an Oklahoma City drone photography or video session, our myheartcreative drone pilot can ride in the vehicle but will not be driving the vehicle.

May I take my picture with the drone pilot?

Of course, you may, but let’s pose together!

Can you take Oklahoma drone photography at my wedding?

Yes. As a wedding photographer OKC, we can use a drone with certain safety limitations. Contact us to discuss the details.

How high can you fly for Oklahoma aerial photography?

Multiple factors determine how high we can fly. The airspace, clouds, total height AGL, etc., along with flight conditions and your project’s parameters, will determine how high we can go. You will get the best visuals when working with experts who understand the FAA parameters.

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