Oklahoma Web Design Company Takes a Field Trip

Jul 1, 2020 | Community, OKC Photographer, Photography

At myheartcreative, we believe in supporting local businesses, which includes Oklahoma agriculture. Last summer, we had the honor of participating in the grape harvest at Red Bud Farm and Vineyard. As an Oklahoma web design company, our team spends a lot of time indoors, so this was a rare treat. As you can see, Sam was not afraid to take advantage of this opportunity and get his hands dirty.


OKC Photographer Has Fruitful Photoshoot

It was a bright, sunny day, which is why we arrived early in the morning to work and take pictures of the beautiful vineyard and busy workers. The experience was delightful, and everyone was invited to join in the fun, including the dog. The harvest was a success. The people who participated were amazing, and we even received some parting gifts.

People working



Whether you prefer red or white, Oklahoma’s grape industry is thriving and has you covered. Just look at all of this gorgeous produce in the morning sun.


OKC photographer


Discover Agritourism

Vineyards are beautiful, romantic places to visit, and there are more in Oklahoma than you probably realize. If you would like more information about our state’s vineyards, check out the freshly launched website for the Oklahoma Grape Industry Council and Oklahoma Agritourism. You will be surprised at all of the fun activities available to you.



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