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Feb 6, 2019 | Oklahoma Design Company, Oklahoma Photography, Photography, Tips

Whether you work in Oklahoma commercial photography or you are trying to take photos of your family at Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City, every model cares about how they look. You want to take pictures that resemble the people you photograph, but they should be shown as the best version of themselves. As an Oklahoma web design company that includes professional photography in our design packages, we know the importance of images. Our clients always want to look their best, and we want to help them do so.

There is a common misconception that doing excessive Photoshop work or adding fancy filters is necessary for models to look naturally beautiful. The trick to making people look great is not holding ridiculous Photoshop sessions. In fact, Photoshop can only go so far in correcting pictures of poorly posed models before the images begin to look touched up and unrealistic.

Posing Tips

Face – Reduce double chins and nostril shots by asking the individual to point their face forward. People who only jut out their chins to slim their necks will turn their faces up at an odd angle, showing their nostrils. Chin forward and down – works every time! You can also ask your subject which side of their face is their favorite. Some people do like one side of their face more than the other, and this will help you to take a picture they are sure to like.

Hair – Take the time to adjust hair as you go. When hair looks messy, so does the photo. Be careful; stray locks and wisps will appear as people take different poses. With any creative endeavor, however, there is no rule that hair has to be perfect. Sometimes windblown hair or flyaways work great if that is the look you want. Choose the style of the photo and work accordingly.


Space – Keep some space between arms and the body so people will look slimmer. This spacing will also create more visual interest in the photo. You never want your models’ limbs to resemble limp noodles, creating angles with the arms and legs create space and significance to the pose.

Relax – Get comfortable and encourage people to relax their bodies, their eyes, and their smiles (no fake smiles). By letting loose a little, you will get more natural, authentic photos, which will feel and look better. Once comfortable, remind your subject to use good posture by standing tall with shoulders slightly back. A simple way to improve posture is to engage your core muscles, which will create a confident pose and a sleeker look.

Turn – Slightly turn the models’ shoulders and hips at an angle away from the camera. This will have a slimming effect and frame the model beautifully.

Move – Create movement by asking your subjects to turn around or look away, then snap the picture right as they finish their movement or get into their pose. This will help them loosen up, creating a more fluid look rather than a stiff pose.

Eyes – Eyes can speak when no word is uttered. Eyes convey emotion, for a great photo the model’s eyes must smile when the mouth smiles. You don’t want a blank stare in a picture, capture that emotion. Tell people exactly where to look. If they look in the wrong direction, you will only get the whites of their eyes. You might want to use objects to focus their attention where you want it.

Sit – When taking photos for headshots or a large group of people, try sitting the models down on the edge of stools. This position will help them relax and create a consistent placement for each body in the photograph.

This list of posing techniques is just a beginning for your Oklahoma photoshoot, but it is an excellent place to start. Making these simple changes when posing subjects will have noticeable results in your photographs, so try them out.

Not everyone is comfortable taking pictures. If you are in need of a local photographer in Oklahoma, myheartcreative is here to help. Photographs serve to preserve special memories, establish personal brands, and improve marketing for local businesses. Contact us if you have any questions or would like to schedule a photoshoot.


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