Quick & Easy Game Changing Ways To Maximize Traffic On Your Web Page

Jan 26, 2016 | Content Writing, Social Media, Websites

When it comes to working on content planning and building your website, things aren’t always straightforward or simple. Once you decide what kind of website and blog content you want to upload, you’ll want to make a simple plan. Check out our fool-proof ways to publish killer content online and get people reading what you’ve got going on!

Organizing Web Pages

Use a simple outline planning tool like Essay Map to jot down your introduction, a few ideas and details that support each idea. You can print, save and share your initial outline with your creative writer or web design team for easy collaboration. You can also use WriteMaps to help you plan out or reorganize your navigation and sitemap structure.

Your outline should include the type of content you are looking to post. You should also carefully consider some things about your website before you get started, as well:

  • Is your website an advertorial tool?
  • Are you informing your clients weekly about what’s going on in the business itself? Or with your business only?
  • Do you have a portfolio you would like to feature?
  • Do you need to include a shop where clients can purchase items or merchandise?

Be sure to include every detail of information you want on your page. Check out similar pages online to help you determine what you do need. Of course, myheartcreative’s innovative team of makers and thinkers can help you create quality work that’s purposeful, beautiful, and inspiring!

Writing Your About Paragraph

Nailing that about paragraph can be tricky, but we’ve got some sweet tips for you!

  1. Write Like You Speak: You want to be genuine, so write to people the way you would talk to them in person.
  2. Know Your Audience: Have an idea of the audience you want to reach, and talk to those people.
  3. Reveal the Real ‘You’: Don’t just cloud your about paragraph with facts. People like savvy, tasty, delicious, juicy, sassy writing too!
  4. Share Your Values: You don’t have to be humble when it comes to telling people exactly who you and your business are, so let your moral light shine bright!
  5. How Can You Help: You want people to know what you’ve got that no one else does, so what puts you and your business aside?
  6. Build Trust & End With A Call To Action: Link to other projects and successes in your field. Finish up with a way for people to contact you or prompt them to visit another page on your website.

Be Social

Social Networking is one of the most important things you can do for your business. Create a social media platform. Choose from the biggest apps out there:

  • Google Plus
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Facebook
  • Periscope
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr

Use programs like Hootsuite to keep posts simple and all your updates grouped into one place. Social media programs like Hootsuite allow you to schedule posts for a later date and connect all of your social media in one place.

The Key To It All

Incorporating keywords with links is one of the most important things you can do when planning your website. Use a keyword generator like Google AdWords or hire a creative studio like myheartcreative to help you build your business savvy content. Check out our latest post on how “relevant keywords in your content will help build organic website traffic”: 5 Tips to Selecting Highly Effective Keywords for SEO. Check out myheartcreative for all your web design and content creation needs.

We’ll tackle your creative project with the same elbow grease and hard work it takes to build myheartcreative! Contact us to get started.


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