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Sep 7, 2021 | Websites, Oklahoma Web Design, Web design, Web design OKC

Our OKC web design team knows that security is essential. If your business has a physical location, you likely already use many measures to keep it safe. We must take the same care to protect our digital property – especially if these online assets impact your ability to function and grow. The more you invest in digital, the more these security measures make sense. A company’s digital efforts are highly valuable to its growth. They are also attractive to hackers, just like tangible assets are attractive to everyday thieves. Just like keeping your physical property safe, there are many ways to protect your digital property, starting with your initial web design in Oklahoma City. Here are a few security tips to protect these valuable business tools and assets.

Protecting Your Digital Assets.

Secure OKC Web Design

Your website is a valuable digital asset. When we work on your website, we keep security in mind at every step, from the initial design to regular backups. To help keep your website secure:

  • Turn off comments to prevent spam.
  • If you receive an order or information from someone suspicious, block them.
  • Use HTTPS protocol to keep your and your users’ information safe.
  • Regularly change your password.
  • Only provide admin access to those who need it.

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Domain Security

A secure website needs a secure domain. In addition to protecting your business, domain security will protect your visitors’ information. Steps to protect this include:

  • Start Strong: Never share account information and use a secure email account.
  • Keep Records Updated: Tell your registrar if your contact information changes so they can reach you if suspicious activity occurs.
  • Track Domain Renewals: Do not let your registration expire.
  • Secure Your Domain: Only trust a reliable company to purchase and host your domain.

Two-Factor Authentication

If a device or account has the option to use two-factor authentication, you should. This is especially important for social media. If someone is able to access your password, this extra level of security will keep them from getting any further. Frequently used factors include:

  • Knowledge: something you know, like a PIN or password.
  • Possession: something you have, like an app that can approve authentication requests.
  • Biometrics: something related to yourself, like fingerprints or facial scans.

Email Security

Your email account likely has a spam filter; however, there is always the risk that something could slip through. If you receive a suspicious attachment or email, do not open it. Add two-factor authentication to your account if possible.

Transferring Secure Information

Emails are fast, convenient, and generally secure ways to share information. However, some things should not be shared over email. In particular, you should never email someone your credit card information. For added security, encrypt your login details.

Social Media Security

Your business’s social media accounts help build strong customer relationships. Because they are so important, they should be kept secure. To keep your accounts safe:

  • Regularly monitor your feed and posts.
  • Limit access to those who need it.
  • Carefully research any outside tools that you use.
  • Pay attention to updates and security solutions.
  • Regularly update passwords.


Your Google My Business account is a powerful tool. Unfortunately, hackers and spammers may try to take advantage of that. If you receive an email from Google stating that someone requested ownership of your GMB account, click on “Review Request,” then select “Deny.” While it may seem best to ignore this email, you need to respond quickly. If you do not respond after a few days, a loophole may allow the hacker or spammer to claim your account.

Creating Your Web Design in Oklahoma City.

From your custom website to your social media strategy, your digital efforts play a powerful role in your business’s growth and success. That is why our team pays careful attention to security on all of our digital services. Get in touch to begin.


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