Everyone knows that search engine optimization is the best way to drive business and bring in new customers, but how do you put it to use? How can you attract new clients and grow your company?

When the internet was young, SEO was easier.

Now, everything has changed. SEO is more than stuffing websites with common keywords. It is continually evolving to keep up with the way that consumers use technology. As a leading Oklahoma web design company, myheartcreative stays on top of these constantly changing practices. One of the easiest ways that you can maximize your online presence is to focus on your mobile site. If you do not already have a functional mobile site, you are losing potential customers.

Mobile Friendly Websites

Nowadays, people rely on their mobile devices for everything, from taking pictures and engaging in social media to looking up information and making purchases, desktops are no longer necessary. In response, Google has developed mobile-first indexing, which will likely alter the way that you rank in a Google search. Rathering than going to the desktop version of your web page, the crawling index will look through your mobile site. The roll out of mobile-first indexing will require a priority adjustment if you have been concentrating on your desktop.

Mobile Website Design

Going forward, make sure that your mobile site design matches your desktop and that you implement Google’s best practices, which can be found here:

Google Developers – Mobile First Indexing

If you are uncertain about your mobile site, consider contacting myheartcreative to assess your performance via a Complimentary SEO website audit.

When reviewing your mobile site, do not overlook the importance of social media. How often do you check social media on your device? Are your accounts linked to key words? Are they operational? Did you get here from a social media link? Likely so!

Social Media Marketing

Social Savvy Marketing

Social media greatly influences what people see on search engines and companies are taking notice. Pinterest, for example, launched shopping ads and altered their profile pages. The shopping ads have a high return on investment, and the new profile page helps businesses showcase their best work.

Now users will have a collage of different pins featured on their main page. You can create this collage three different ways:

The best choice depends on your brand and use. You can expect Pinterest and other social media sites to continue finding ways to make it easier for organizations to market directly to their customers.

Along with Pinterest, YouTube and Google are changing the way that AdWords operate. The development of custom intent audiences will show YouTube videos in the result of a Google search. As time goes on, the impact of social media will only continue to grow.

Whether or not you use AdWords, it is clear that you cannot overlook the importance of social media.

Keeping up with SEO can be difficult to juggle while running a company. To get the best out of your web design and social media accounts, look no further than myheartcreative. Our talented and experienced team will take the time to understand your needs and treat your business with the same care that we give to ours.

If you want to leverage SEO to grow, let us help you do it.

SEO DateMay 2018

Google has started rolling out mobile first index.
This started on a limited number of sites, but is now on a much larger basis.


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