Taylor OKC Family Photoshoot

Mar 14, 2019 | Photography, Family Photography, Oklahoma Photography

Each photoshoot comes its own set of tasks and challenges, but here at myheartcreative, we know how to roll with the punches. A recent issue we have been faced with is the weather. Scheduling with the weather in Oklahoma is like trying to guess the lottery number; it’s rare to get it all right.


We had the pleasure of photographing the Taylor family recently. The theme was nature with a modern, outdoor feel. We set up a day, talked about the details, and had it all planned out. The Oklahoma weather had other plans, bitter cold, and strong winds. We were going to reschedule when we had an idea, the Crystal Bridge. Not only was it inside, but the beautiful foliage also gave us the look we wanted.

After braving the chill to get to our location, the Taylor family arrived looking fresh and ready for their Oklahoma photoshoot. After getting lost in the beauty of the location for a bit, we got started on the shoot. Capturing the excitement in the children was easy in such a fun site. As we made our way through the paths of the Crystal Bridge, the Taylor family got into the groove; we were capturing every moment and having a blast along the way!


One of the best moments was telling the kids we were going on an adventure and seeing their eyes light up and the parents laugh. We love being a part of these great moments and capturing them for families to look back on in the future.

This photo is one of the
myheartcreative team’s favorite! The picture speaks volumes of the Taylor family’s personality, the lighting was perfect, and everyone was looking right at the camera.


Not only do we love this photo because of the framing and the gleam of light in her eyes, but we also love the story behind it. The outfit she is wearing isn’t just another cute ballerina leotard; it was passed down to her from her mother. Photographing a family heirloom is a special opportunity.


This one was so cute, and it was a proud moment for myheartcreative to be included in this family’s story. If you are looking for excellent family photoshoots in Oklahoma City, myheartcreative would love to meet your family and capture your special moments with you. Call us and set up your session today!


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