The Anatomy of a Logo: How the Parts of a Logo Fit Together

Sep 20, 2022 | Logo design, Branding

Logo design is fundamental to establishing your brand. Your logo is the foundation for every other aspect of your Dallas design projects. From style, colors, and font, the logo guides it all. If you need to create a new logo or refresh an existing one, understanding the different parts of a logo can help you ensure that every detail of your logo appeals to you.

Anatomy of Logo Design Dallas:

  • When choosing a logotype and every other aspect of your logo, there are several things to consider.
  • Who is your audience? – Your logo should appeal to potential customers.
  • Who is your competition? – You want to stand out from everyone else.
  • What is your style? – Your logo needs to be long-lasting, which means you need to like it.


The logotype, also known as wordmark or letterform, is how you present the name of your organization. Sometimes the logotype can stand out when it is separate from the other elements of the logo. Think about Google; it does not need to show you an icon to get your attention.

The logotype helps establish the tone of your brand. You might want a serif font for a more upscale look, while a san serif would be more casual. Of course, you could always blend the two.

Logo Gallery myheartcreative Meagan McGowen

Another option would be to go with a more hand-made look like you see below. Everything depends on what you want to communicate. Regardless of the typography style used for your lettering, professional kerning and layout are key.

rosey art wear


Icons and graphic elements are what often come to mind when people think about logo design Dallas. The icon, or mark, can be separated from the company name. It needs to be a visual representation of the company. Over time, an icon becomes recognizable on its own. There are probably brands you automatically know when you see their icon. Icons may go above the logotype or beside it. This logo has an icon above the logotype.


This mark is an abstract design of the company’s initials, and the flame is representative of the business.

Being able to separate your icon from your logotype makes it easier to use. For example, you would use your full logo on your door, but an icon is easier to use on social media profiles.


Integrated Logos

Sometimes a logo mark and logotype come together to create an integrated logo like the one below.

Mediterranean Imports

This badge logo has a handmade style that includes the name, mark, and tagline in a single image. It has a striking impact online and in print. As Dallas design professionals, we always try to give clients the option to use an icon with integrated logos. For example, the client can use the image of the fork and food on its own.

More traditional and flexible icons can also be used as integrated design elements. This logo includes a techy O icon which is integrated into the letters CORE.

core solutions


Not every logo has or needs a tagline. The purpose of a tagline is to bring clarification to the brand or help it stand out. You can probably think of some famous taglines. The icon and name “Surveyor Says” make a complete logo. However, “NSPS Podcast” explains what Surveyor Says is.

surveyor says


Color is an important piece of the logo anatomy. Color needs to be the last phase of logo design because your logo must first look great in black and white to solidify its flexibility and ensure that it feels right for your business in its simplest form. Color must be carefully applied to the logo. Your color palette should be created to define the supporting colors for your visual identity beyond the logo.

Now that you have an understanding of the different aspects included in logo design Dallas, it will be easier to communicate what you like. Our intimate knowledge and practiced expertise in creating logo designs make us the perfect creative partners for your logo project. We know what works, what doesn’t work, and how to best provide you with the most flexible, timeliness, and engaging logo design for your business. Our logo design process addresses all parts of a logo, the primary logo, any secondary alternatively aligned logos, or even the icon alone. If you have any questions about Dallas design, please feel free to contact our team. We would be happy to help you create your brand.


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