The Best Fonts for Website Design in Oklahoma City

Dec 2, 2022 | Web design

Fonts are just as important as content when it comes to communicating your message through your website design in Oklahoma City. Consider how your handwriting changes with different scenarios. You might print clearly for an envelope but use a personal script when writing to a loved one. In the same way, you choose a font for your audience and message.

Back in 2008 when our Creative Director started designing websites, she had a tiny list of about 10 – 15 fonts to choose from. These “common web safe fonts” were the most popular fonts at the time that were very likely to be available on web visitors’ personal computers – so ensuring the OKC web design’s visual experience would be as designed and that the user would be able to load the font.


Designing with limitations, back then.

She would regularly refer to lists to choose what fonts would be used on which project; here is an example of a similar font list: In fact, the myheartcreative logo lettering is derived from the font Trebuchet MS with just a few typography tweaks to make it unique to our brand, while also improving a few letter forms.


Our old school web font favorites:

  • Helvetica
  • Georgia
  • Trebuchet MS (of course)

Thankfully fonts have come a long way over the years. Today, our designers and developers can choose from basically an endless supply of fonts. Fonts are available by the thousands, and with the use of @font-face CSS, we can display just about any style font (even script fonts) necessary to represent our client’s brand image with all the subtle beauty that might come from a particular font. With this ability, the web evolved and has become a more beautiful place.

OKC Web Design

Designing with modern capabilities, now.

A few of our favorite web fonts today:

  • Montserrat
  • Prata
  • League Spartan

No matter the font selected, typography is important to our creatives. What is typography? We describe it as the design of the font and the use of the font in the design – making sure the letters are clear, readable, and enjoyable. We watch for kerning (letter-spacing), leading (line-height), and consistency. Another great typography-minded consideration is making the text scannable. We use font sizes, font weights, and capitalization to add emphasis showing a visual hierarchy from the H1 down to the H3 and more when appropriate.

Heading choices make an OKC web design’s content easier to scan so users can find the information they need. Along with headings and subheadings, access to more font options also plays a role in readability. While some specialty fonts could make things harder to read, other fonts will meet even the most subtle accessibility standard, making options wonderful.


Creating Your Website Design in Oklahoma City.

Given how important fonts are to your brand, working with an experienced expert is wise. At myheartcreative, our team will collaborate with you to create the ideal OKC web design, from layout and colors to images and fonts. Please reach out if you have any questions.


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