The Case for NOT Redesigning Your Logo

Sep 9, 2021 | Logo design, Branding, Oklahoma Design Company

Considering whether you should update your logo design OKC is never a bad idea to explore. However, you should not redesign your logo just because you can. Your logo is very significant to your brand, so there should be a specific intent, meaning, and purpose behind any changes.

When Should You NOT Redesign Your Logo?

It is Modern and Current

When logos are dated, potential customers may assume that the entire business has not been updated in decades. Because of this, many businesses redesign their logos when they begin showing their age. If your design does not look dated, a redesign is likely not needed.

It Represents Your Branding OKC

Your logo should show how your business is now, instead of what it was when your logo was created. When a business rebrands, its logo often also changes to reflect its new branding OKC ideas. If your logo accurately represents your business’s identity, mission, and services, changes may not be necessary.

It Works Across Channels

Many older logos were designed with only standard print formats in mind. While it is still important for a logo to look good in print, you should not limit yourself to one location. A redesign may be necessary if a logo looks awkward on digital channels, swag and apparel, or even large-scale billboards. If your logo works in different formats, it may not need any updates.

It Makes the Right Impact

Consider everything you have invested into your logo. If people already know your design because it is widespread, decide whether a change is worth it because being consistent with your logo helps build up trust and familiarity. If people recognize your logo and have positive reactions to it, stick with your current design so you can keep that powerful effect.

When Should You Refresh Your Logo?

Many logos need minor adjustments on occasion. If you feel that your logo needs to change, but your current design is a good fit for your business, consider a logo refresh instead of a total redesign. By adjusting a few details, a refresh can breathe new life into your logo to grab your current and potential customers’ attention. Consider a refresh or logo redesign if:

Your Logo is DIY

We understand many business owners have no choice but to make their own logo at the launch of their company, a DIY logo will very likely need to be, at a minimum, recreated professionally one day. Having experienced logo design professionals update and perfect your logo can make it more memorable and effective as your company grows.

Branding OKC

You Have New Competitors

Updating your logo shows customers that you will not sit back while new competitors try to take your place in the industry. Instead, you are taking an active role to stay ahead.

Your Business Has Expanded

Businesses often experience changes over time, such as adding new product lines or merging with other companies. If your business has changed significantly, a logo refresh can help you represent that.

mhc before and after logo office interiors

mhc OI logo

Your Logo is Just an Image

Your logo should have a meaning behind it. It plays a powerful role in attracting new customers, so it should represent your business instead of simply “looking nice.” Your logo can help show what your business stands for with a professional logo refresh.

Your Logo Design OKC Team.

Your logo is an essential business investment. Ultimately, it is imperative to invest in doing a logo right the first time, instead of losing brand recognition during every round of redesigns.

Our design team can help you create a logo that represents your business and stands the test of time. Get in touch to begin.


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